Navigating Though New Orleans in 24 Hours

New Orleans is a unique city that attracts the hearts of the artsy, foodies, and free-spirited individuals. There is so much to see all at once, and luckily it’s all fairly close together. It is possible to see all of the major spots in NOLA in under 24 hours. Here is where to go for the perfect quick trip to New Orleans.

My favorite part of New Orleans happens to be the French Quarter. I have never encountered such a lively place. If you are a big fan of walking


Start your day by taking a stroll around Jackson Square

Jackson Square is a hot spot in NOLA every traveler must visit. Full of street performers, local musicians, and artists. The ancient architecture of the buildings still remains intact from years past. Look around at the buildings and enjoy the music.

Walk through St. Patrick’s Cathedral

While more people in New Orleans are interested in the nearest alcoholic beverage than religious practices a good portion of the population is Catholic. St. Patricks Cathedral is an iconic building in the heart of the French Quarter. While you can spot this building from far away on the outside, the inside does not disappoint either. Be sure to take a stroll through the church and see the painting on the top of the ceiling.


Lunch in the French Market

There are several vendors and restaurants in the French Market. It is the best place to get local New Orleans food at a reasonable price and at a quick pace. One of my favorites is the Gazebo Cafe. Good food, live jazz, and daiquiris this restaurant is at the top of my list.


Grab a beignet for dessert

Of course, this French dessert is nothing more than glorified funnel cakes, but I would never go on a New Orleans trip without buying one. Click the link below to find some vegan beignets.

Vegan in New Orleans, LA

Hang out with Louis at Armstrong Park

The walk from the French Quarter to Armstrong park is beautiful. You will pass some beautiful homes along the way making the fifteen-minute walk worth it.



Grab dinner and drink on Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street may be known for its tequila and hurricanes but there are several restaurants along the street as well. If you do decide to drink be sure to grab some grub beforehand.


Top the evening off with live jazz at Cafe Beignets

When the evening is getting late head over to Cafe Beignet. This little cafe is the gem of Bourbon Street. It looks like a little city garden with a stage off to the right. Tables surrounding the stage as well as a fountain. Live jazz performers give free performances to make this place ideal for relaxation. It is hard to believe it is even on Bourbon Street.

Buy some jewelry from the art market on Frenchman Street

Frenchman street is a milder version of Bourbon Street. With live music and bars covering the street. Frenchman is the place to be when Bourbon gets too much. There is a local artist market that sells beautiful jewelry. The whole market is covered in string lights.


At the end of the day, I hope you got a good feel about New Orleans. It is one of the most interesting places I have ever been to. Enjoy!


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