Five Casual Restaurants to order Vegetarian Tacos near Tampa, FL

Since tacos is my favorite food group, I knew I had to find the absolute best vegetarian tacos in Tampa. Here are my top picks for favorite tacos in Tampa, Florida. 

What to Eat & Where to Stay in Aruba

Aruba’s nickname is “one happy island”, and it certainly is. The island welcomes visitors each season and is a fan favorite travel destination. Where to stay and where to eat are a huge part of the Aruban experience. If you want to live like a local and grub on tasty island food, then keep on reading.Continue reading “What to Eat & Where to Stay in Aruba”

Wrapped Up in Charleston~Best Places to Get Vegan Wraps

While in Charleston, there are many sights, sounds, and tastes you must divulge in. Eating vegan is easier in large cities, and Charleston is no different. Although seafood is commonly thought of to be a Charleston staple, the historic city has an unexpected vegan culture as well. When visiting South Carolina I was on aContinue reading “Wrapped Up in Charleston~Best Places to Get Vegan Wraps”

Inexpensive & Relaxed Vegetarian/Vegan Lunch Spots In Georgetown

Eating vegetarian or vegan is easy in the up and coming city of Georgetown. If you are in town for a quick lunch and in need of dietary friendly restaurant, don’t worry— Georgetown has many options to choose from! Finding the right restaurant can be annoying and hectic while traveling; It has to be in theContinue reading “Inexpensive & Relaxed Vegetarian/Vegan Lunch Spots In Georgetown”

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