Inexpensive & Relaxed Vegetarian/Vegan Lunch Spots In Georgetown

Eating vegetarian or vegan is easy in the up and coming city of Georgetown. If you are in town for a quick lunch and in need of dietary friendly restaurant, don’t worry Georgetown has many options to choose from! Finding the right restaurant can be annoying and hectic while traveling; It has to be in the right price range with the perfect menu. If you are looking for an inexpensive restaurant with a tasty vegetarian / vegan menu, Georgetown has several. Here are my picks for vegetarian/vegan lunch spots in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Falafel Inc. 

Specialty: falafel wrap
Wait time: Less than 10 minutes
Cost; $3

In the heart of Georgetown, Falafel Inc. is a great spot for a quick and inexpensive lunch. At just $3 these falafel wraps are a fan favorite with warm pita bread, falafel, tomatoes, cucumbers, and several creamy and spicy sauces to choose from. 

Falafel wrap at Falafel Inc.

Cafe Tu-O-Tu

Specialty: Paninis & salads
Wait time: 15 minutes
Cost: $9
A fresh mediterranean salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and onions make for the perfect lunch on a hot and humid day in Washington. Cafe Tu-O-Tu has fresh ingredients and tasty healthy options every vegetarian and vegan will enjoy. Salads, paninis, and wraps are just a few of choices the cafe offers. If I were in town long enough I would have tried all three.

cucumber and tomato vegetable salad
Mediterranean vegetable salad

Chaia: Farm to Taco 

Specialty: Tacos
Wait time: 15 minutes
Cost: $13
Chaia Tacos modern atmosphere and meatless menu is a vegetarian’s paradise. Each bite is an explosion of tasty spices and there are a variety of tacos to choose from. The first taco I choose to take a nibble out of is the asparagus one. The crunch of the asparagus is the delectable choice inside a with soft homemade corn tortillas.The mushroom taco is up next, and it is cooked to ideal tenderness- topped with cilantro, creamy red sauce, and feta cheese. The last taco is the rainbow carrot and potato taco— the unique name holds true to the unique combination of flavor and ingredients. I enjoyed the contrasting textures of this tasty taco. The taco has yellow, purple, and orange carrots combined with hearty soft potatoes. With main ingredients being this delicious it makes eating greens easy.

vegetarian tacos
Tasty tacos at chaia tacos

South Block 

Specialty: Smoothies and açaí bowls
Wait time: Less than 10 minutes
Cost: $11
Acai bowls are the newest trend of summer. Loaded with antioxidants I am glad this yummy dish also tastes like ice cream, satisfying your sweet tooth without any of the guilt. Just one of these bowls is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon snack. South Block also offers smoothies and other bowls to choose from. This one is my favorite.

South Block açaí bowls - vegetarian
Peanut butter and jelly açaí bowl


Specialty: Italian (pasta & pizza) 
Wait time: 
20 minutes
Cost: $8
The fresh samples of margherita pizza displayed outside are enough to hook customers in. My friend and I took one bite of the sample and it was enough to lure our rumbling tummies inside. The tomato and basil laced pizza melts in your mouth. Like all good pizzas do. The atmosphere is moody and romantic, with dim-lit tables set for two. Complimentary bread comes out in minutes after sitting down, and not long after our pizza arrives at our table too. The mouthwatering pizza is made from fresh ingredients and reminds me of the food I ate while living in Italy.

Flavio Pizza



Speciality: Falafel bowls and wraps 
Wait time: 
Less than 10 minutes
Cost: $10
Lebanese food specializing in pita bread, falafel, and rice bowls make for a great cure when you’ve got the “Muncheez,” man. If you are looking to grab a quick bite and are in the mood for a delicious falafel wrap Muncheez is the place to go. Their falafel wrap is loaded with other goods such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and spinach.

Falafel wrap at Muncheez

1310 Kitchen & Bar

Specialty: brunch, avocado toast, & salads 
Wait time: 
30 minutes
Cost: $12

This space has a light and airy vibe perfect for a refreshing lunch. Black and white photos from the 1970s hang on the walls offering a relaxing vintage vibe to all the customers who walk in.  Located right off of Wisconsin Ave, 1310’s calming atmosphere is welcoming in comparison to the busy streets of Georgetown. The salad salad has kale, brussel sprouts, quinoa, pomegranate, and grapefruit drizzled with a light vinaigrette! The combination of tangy grapefruit and sweet pomegranate is never something I would have imagined on my own but the flavor was perfect. It is superfood heaven! The menu offers a few other choices for my meat-less friends. If you are not in the mood for a salad- try the avocado toast.

salad with pomegranate - vegetarian
A refreshing salad at 1310 Kitchen & Bar

Ban Do La Bowl

Specialty: cabbage bowls
Wait time:
5-10 minutes

Ban Do La Bowl’s friendly staff will help you decide what to order. I choose a crunchy tofu peanut cabbage salad. Each bite contains so much texture and flavor, that I ate the whole bowl in one sitting. Ban Do La Bowl offers a unique southeast Asian twist on a summer salad. It is quick and fast, but gives a taste of Vietnam and Thailand that you won’t find anywhere else in Georgetown.

Ban Do La Bowl - Vegetarian food
Ban Do La Bowl Food

Sweet Greens

Wait time:5-10 minutes

I bit into the warm summer salad with wild rice, tofu, cucumbers, fresh beets, and mushrooms sautéed to perfection, all tossed in a bed of massaged kale. Located a block from my office this tasty health food joint is great for a light lunch. Shroomi drizzled in miso dressing is my favorite thing on the menu.

Sweet Greens salad- vegetarian /vegan
Sweet Greens salad

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