What To See, Do, & Eat In The Evocative Capital Berlin, Germany Late November


IMG_1746.jpgBerlin is a city rich in recent history and modern culture. Over the years the country has seen many changes. The adaptive personality of Berlin is part of what makes the culture of Germany so interesting.

As the capital of Germany, Berlin has a lot to offer. Year after year travelers from around the world visit this unique populous city. The options of what to do/see and where to eat can be endless. This will hopefully help you streamline your trip details. 

After spending a couple days getting to know this city here is what I suggest you do, eat, and where to explore to get the best experience out of Berlin’s city center. 

  • Take A Walking Tour 

Most hostels offer walking tours in the morning. It is a great way to meet other people staying in your hostel. When I woke up in the morning I made some new friends and we walked to the Brandenburg Gate to start our tour. A walking tour is a great way to know more about the city you are visiting. The tour guides are so informative and can help you make your plans as to what you want to do the rest of your trip. Each tour guide is different and will have their own advice for experiences Berlin like a local. Many of these walking tours are tip based. This means you simply tip the tour guide as little or as much as you want, making this a very affordable option for tourists. 

If your hostel doesn’t have a free tour you can sign up for one here.


  • Visit The Holocaust Memorial 

The Holocaust Memorial is a haunting reminder of the tragic history of the Holocaust. While the thought of what happened during the Holocaust is morbid, honoring those who lost their lives by walking through the Holocaust Memorial feels significant and stands as a reminder of how far Germany has come. 


  • Stroll Through Tiergarten 

Located right next to the Brandenburg Gate this garden is worth a walkthrough. Home of the Berlin Zoo and designer stores the Tiergarten is a common attraction for visitors. 

  • Admire The Brandenburg Gate At Night 

At around midmorning, before the walking tour began, I saw the Brandenburg for the first time. While the dramatic and overwhelming structure stands tall in its magnitude during daylight hours, seeing it at night is unreal. As a symbol of freedom, progress, and reunification to Germans, the Brandenburg Gate is deep in meaning extravagant in all of its splendor.


  • Play The Laser Game At The German Spy Museum

The large selection of museums in Berlin makes choosing which ones to see over only a couple of days is difficult. However, the German Spy Museum is defiantly a well-done museum. As a photographer, the tiny cameras they built in the ’50s were especially interesting. 


  • Snack On Good Eats & Beer At The Christmas Markets 

The Christmas Markets are obviously not open year round. What would the fun in that be?

In late November the Christmas Markets are just beginning to open. The Christmas markets are full of good beer, food, and the spirit of winter festivities. After munching on a soft pretzel and walking around the booths I would say it is safe to say late November-December is the perfect time to visit Berlin.


  • Try Currywurst 

The currywurst is a traditional dish for Berlin. For years Berlin has ranked high on being the capital of veganism, making finding a vegan currywurst a breeze. There are so many vegan/vegetarian options in this city populated with over 80,000 vegans.



  • Visit East Side Gallery 

On the last day of our trip, I left the hostel before the sunrise. It is an hour walk from my hostel to the East Side Gallery, which turned into almost two hours because I stopped to take way too many pictures. When I arrived at the East Side Gallery I am so happy I came. The most moving part about the gallery is that the paintings represent unity on a wall that is was built on division. 


  • See Original Berlin Wall At Topography of Terror

The Topography of Terror is a museum that has both indoor and outdoor displays. It stood as the headquarters for the “Third Reich” during World War II.



  • Check-in at Checkpoint Charlie & Read The Wall 

Checkpoint Charlie, named by the Western Allies during the Cold War, was the only point where foreigners could cross to and from West and East Berlin. The strong historical significance of the checkpoint is what attracts tourists year after year. If you do check out Checkpoint Charlie you must visit the wall leading up to it. The wall gives detailed historical information about the events leading up to the separation of West and East Berlin. 

  • Visit Museum Island & Other Museums 

In total Berlin has 170 museums scattered across the city. With so many to choose from don’t think you will get to them all at once. Many of the museums have certain times they are free. Be sure to look up which museum you might be interested and if they have days that are free. For example, some museums are only free on Wednesday or after 5 pm.


  • Enjoy Homemade Sweet Treats In Berlin’s City Centre 

Walking around shopping central I peak my head into a door that looks like Christmas. Bars of chocolate cover the wall. There are so many flavors to choose from. My friend and I decided to split a piece of lemon cake, and after one bite we are exceptionally proud of the choice. The mouthwatering homemade delicacy was the best decision I made all day.



  • Take A Visit At The Berlin Dome 

All over Europe ornate cathedrals decorate cities and invite people inside their extravagant interiors. The Berlin Dome, located on museum island, is no different. The Baroque style architecture built in 1750 has been the eye candy of Berlin for many years. The long-standing church has seen renovation and rebuilding but it still has remained elegant over the years. 


  • Get Inspired By The Street Art

Graphic art and spray painted masterpieces paint the city with a modernistic vibe. As an admirer of street art, I sincerely appreciate that Germany is full of graphic art spray-painted on walls, alleyways, and trains passing by. 



Berlin is one of the most interesting cities I have ever ventured off too. I hope reading this helps you plan your trip to Germany.

Love, Morgan