Everything Americans Should Know about Italy Before Living Abroad

Italy is a magical place to visit, which is why over 58 million people worldwide travel there each year. Here is Italy travel information to ensure your experience goes smoothly. 

Inexpensive & Relaxed Vegetarian/Vegan Lunch Spots In Georgetown

Eating vegetarian or vegan is easy in the up and coming city of Georgetown. If you are in town for a quick lunch and in need of dietary friendly restaurant, don’t worry— Georgetown has many options to choose from! Finding the right restaurant can be annoying and hectic while traveling; It has to be in theContinue reading “Inexpensive & Relaxed Vegetarian/Vegan Lunch Spots In Georgetown”

Highlights of my Eastern Market Finds, Washington D.C.

The Eastern Market comes alive every Sunday morning as venders and customers scramble together in the space of a couple of blocks. The market has been around for nearly thirty years and some venders have been selling products for around that long. Additionally, the Eastern Market has a unique culture separate from Washington. The cultureContinue reading “Highlights of my Eastern Market Finds, Washington D.C.”

I Am Not Blue About The High Trestle Trail In Madrid, Iowa

Engineerical brilliance makes the High Trestle Bridge unique for many reasons.

Freeman Park at Carolina Beach~ Beach Camping Gone Wrong

Sleep came with ease with the sound of the ocean humming in the background. I could wake up on the beach every morning.

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