I Am Not Blue About The High Trestle Trail In Madrid, Iowa

The High Trestle Trail is a quick This 130-foot tall bridge that stands smack dab in Madrid, Iowa was once a railroad. The rail to trail wonder caught my attention and I wanted to check it out. Engineerical brilliance makes the High Trestle Bridge unique for many reasons.

The trails leading up to the bridge are short and sweet. There are two entrances that can be taken. One goes through the woods. The other is a concrete covered sidewalk that is a much easier terrain. We marched with anticipation to up to the bridge I had only seen pictures of. When we arrived the bridge did not disappoint . Half of the bridge was dark. The odd square-like coverings couldn’t be seen. Yet, the longer I saw blue LED lights in the distance.

IMG_1082IMG_1080High Trestle Trail IMG_1072High Trestle Trail High Trestle Trail

Even though the pictures are cool (or at least I think so), in person this bridge is a sight to see. No bridge I have ever been too a similar to this one. It is especially neat seeing the bridge late at night. When we arrived the sun is just starting to go down and the sky is still pink. Yet, once we got to the bridge the sun had completely left the sky.

The whole trail took about two miles from the parking lot to the bridge and back. However, there are more trails that extend out to the middle of Madrid. Since it was night time we were ready to head back. It is midnight dark on the walk back to the car. All I had to see is my headlight shining on the pathway. When I looked out into the deep woods I saw a couple of pair of eyes. Some of them are too far to distinguish. Yet, clearly, I saw a raccoon and three deer. Bugs are buzzing around my face and headlight. It is a creepy walk. I swore it was the perfect destination for a horror movie. Out in the woods, in the dark, late into the night. Nonetheless, this adventure was worth having.

I have no idea why someone decided to make this strangely constructed blue bridge, but I am all for it.

Here is a map below I hope you find helpful! As always thanks for reading.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 12.59.14 PM.png


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