Freeman Park at Carolina Beach~ Beach Camping Gone Wrong

Freeman Park at Carolina Beach

If you have ever dreamed about waking up to the sound of the ocean, Camping Freeman Park at Carolina Beach is the perfect place. On Freeman Campground you can camp directly on the beach for ideal ocean-front views. 

However, with each camping trip there are so many things that can go wrong, and making mistakes is a part of the adventure. Here are some ways to avoid making crucial camping mistakes. 

Camping tips at Freeman Park

Know the area

Before going a camping trip with a big group, it’s a good idea to scout of the area beforehand. This will help you know exactly what to expect from the campground and it’s facility.IMG_8102

Drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle

First off, going camping on the beach requires a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Our vans were packed with people and supplies, but they certainly are not four-wheel drive. We unloaded the vans of bags, sleeping pads, camping stoves, water, and of course people. All of us had to carry our things on the thirty-minute walk onto the beach.

There were a lot of supplies we needed to carry including tents, sleeping bags, and two huge coolers. Luckily, we met a nice couple with a jeep who offered to help us carry our things. 

Freeman Park Carolina Beach -waves on the beach
Carolina Beach in August

Check the weather before going

The beach is gorgeous, but the weather was chilly on the days we were there. Unfortunately, we failed to check the weather before going and planned the trip around participating in water-sport adventures such as paddle-boarding and kayaking. 

Thankfully, I brought sweatpants which I lived in the entire trip. Camping at Freeman Park at Carolina Beach is best when the weather is warm to take advantage of the beautiful beach. 

Beach Camping Freeman Park
Bundled up on my beach camping trip 

Feast like kings in the backcountry

Burrito bowls is the best camping food to make. While it is simple and easy to make, it is an all around fan favorite. 

All it takes it boiling rice and stir in a can of black beans, corn, salsa, and sliced avocados over a camping stove. Also adding some taco seasoning to spice things up! Pour ingredients into a soft burrito shell in a bowl and eat.  The best part about burrito bowls is they will leave your camping bowls easy to clean. 

camping supplies

Bring a fire-starter

Most defiantly build a campfire. That is a must for any camping trip. I have no idea how to start a fire. Bringing along a fire starter is a game-changer. Another quick idea we discovered is that a Doritos chip is extremely flammable. It is just as good as having a fire starter. The s’mores undoubtedly were devoured by all. Never go camping without s’mores, they are always a hit.

starting a fire while camping

Don’t forget the music and marshmallows

Music blared after dinner. Everyone was riled up and ready for some fun with bellies full of marshmallows and graham crackers. There were several girls on our trip traveling from Scotland. These gals happened are studying abroad at my university. They blasted Scottish music and taught us a dance they do at every wedding and birthday in Scotland. That is what I love about trips like this one.

With everything that went wrong on this excursion, people still make connections, and I still learned a lot about people and the Scottish culture.

Freeman Park at Carolina Beach

Sleep came with ease with the sound of the ocean humming in the background. I could wake up on the beach every morning. Camping is usually uncomfortable for my back, but sleeping on the sand is super comfy.

With every trip there are mishaps, that is the beauty of adventure. Hope you enjoy your adventure camping at Freeman Park Carolina Beach. 

Carolina Beach



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