What to Eat & Where to Stay in Aruba

where to stay in Aruba

Aruba’s nickname is “one happy island”, and it certainly is. The island welcomes visitors each season and is a fan favorite travel destination. Where to stay and where to eat are a huge part of the Aruban experience. If you want to live like a local and grub on tasty island food, then keep on reading. It’s not easy figuring out the best places to grab a bite to eat, let alone find a place to sleep. Here are my recommendations for food and where to stay in Aruba.

As much as you may try to plan ahead of time, it is hard to know exactly where the best spots are. Here are my recommendations for food and where to stay in Aruba.

What I ate in Aruba

Usually while I travel I go to the grocery store and buy cheaper meal options I can cook at the Airbnb or hostel. I did the same while in Aruba. For about half the time I ate at home, the other half I enjoyed the restaurants around the island.

While in Aruba trying to local seafood is a must. Many restaurants have a fresh catch of the day on the menu. Don’t let being a vegetarian stop you from enjoying the mouth-watering Caribbean food in Aruba. There are plenty of restaurants with a wide variety of options on their menu. 

I will save you the trouble of worrying about which restaurants have vegetarian options. Of all the places I dined at I had no problem finding the meatless menu. Here are my top picks for restaurant options.

1.) Matthew’s Beachside Restaurant

Matthew’s Beachside Restaurant has romantic ocean-front and high-quality seafood dishes. We arrive at the restaurant just in time for the sunset, and the sky is still pink.The whole atmosphere is dreamy and perfect for a meal you are wanting to splurge a little more on.

I ordered a stuffed delectable stuffed red pepper and a cream brûlée for dessert. Both dishes are especially scrumptious, that are worth every penny.

Stuffed Bell Pepper- food in Aruba

2.) TOF (taste of flavor)

A vegetarian burger with a side of fries is exactly what I am craving after a long day of soaking up the sun. There are several restaurants to choose from in this area and plenty of parking nearby, but TOF is my top choice.

It offers seafood, burgers, and vegetarian options and I choose to enjoy the hearty meatless burger from the menu.

vegetarian burger - TOF

3.) Eduardo’s Beach Shack

Eduardo’s Beach Shack was my guilty pleasure during the whole vacation. Almost every time I ventured to Eagle Beach I had to stop by and grab an acai or poke bowl.

While on the beach I crave fresh fruit and lighter options. Eduardo’s Shack offers a variety of plant-based and refreshing healthy options that will leave the whole family smiling.

Eduardo's Beach Shack- ArubaIMG_1234.jpg

4. ) Kamini’s Kitchen

Located off the beaten path, this local joint is a hidden gem in Aruba. At first, I was worried about the prices on the menu until I realized the prices weren’t labeled in US dollars but Aruba’s currency.

The dish I divulged in included potatoes, veggies, and chick-peas.  After we ordered food the aroma of food cooking permeated the entire restaurant, and I could tell that everything they make is fresh.

food in Arubarestaurants in Aruba

5.) Linda’s Dutch Pancakes

Because of the rich Dutch culture on the island, Dutch pancakes are a staple for visitors in Aruba. While in Aruba you MUST try the Dutch pancakes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These tasty cakes are round and flat cakes, larger than American pancakes, and can be topped with anything. I choose to top my Dutch pancakes with mango and papaya.

Linda's Dutch Pancakes - food and where to stay in Aruba

Best Place to Stay 


The hostess is helpful and the friendliest of all the people I meet on the trip. She gives fantastic advice on what to do on the island and was great to talk to. Wike also looks after her guests, so even if you are a solo female traveler you can be sure your are in good hands. 


Mammaloes is great for budget travelers. It is a cost-effective, but intimate bungalow with everything you need for an island getaway. If hotels are a little out of your price range Airbnbs are a great option. Mammaloes is simple and inexpensive, but a true luxury.

Breakfast & amenities

Mammaloes offers a breakfast option for a low cost, and it is worth purchasing. The breakfast includes coffee, fresh papaya, yogurt, toast, eggs, and a muffin. 

Since Aruba is a dessert island not many plants grow organically. Yet, Mammaloes grows fruit outside the lush wagon cottages, so you can be sure you are getting the freshest fruit for breakfast.


Quaint wagon houses

The houses are perfect for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. There are three houses you can choose from with a double bed in each, so it is an ideal small family or a group of friends. Not to mention the beds are comfy and soft. Nourishing local shampoo is also included in your stay if you didn’t bring enough toiletries in your carry-on. 

The best part of this stay is that it is unique. There are other Airbnbs you can choose from in the area, but none like Mammaloes. The bungalow will remind you of a rustic tiny home. 

IMG_2395.jpgwhere to stay in Aruba

Food and where to stay in Aruba are important information for travel when planning your trip. I loved every aspect of my stay, and  I really miss this happy island. Hope you found this helpful!

Stay breezy!

LessorMorgan in Aruba Less or Morgan in Aruba

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