8 Gorgeous Beaches To Visit In Aruba

You really can’t go wrong visiting one of the many beaches in Aruba. As a small island you can easily get from one beach to another, so why not enjoy all of Aruba’s beaches.

1.) Mangel Halto

Immediately, I see the teal waters and smell fresh fish. The mangroves canopy the beaches edge with shallow clear waters perfect for wading. Mangel Halto is a slice of paradise. Snorkeling and kayaking are popular activities at Mangel Halto. The government of Aruba does an excellent job of maintaining the beaches. There are shaded areas with places to put your belongings. I fell asleep to the sound of crashing waves, the soft voices of birds chirping, and the wind beneath the trees. Walking along the shoreline I find interesting pieces of coral I simply had to bring home with me.

Mangel Halto Beach Aruba/ beaches

2.) Eagle Beach

Situated in Oranjestad, Eagle beach is one of the more populated areas. There are many eateries and places to get sweet treats at Eagle Beach. Eduardo’s Beach Shack is my absolute favorite snack stand. The acai bowls are the perfect fresh frozen dessert for a hot day at the beach. The shelters along Eagle Beach offer shade from the blazing sun. It is a relief my Irish skin needed. There is also $1 all day parking located next to the mall across the street from Eagle Beach. I recommend parking in the lot because the one day I parallel parked on the side of the street for free parking our car got sideswiped.

Eagle Beach Aruba/ beaches



3.) Boca Prins

Boca Prins is in Aritok National Park, and it happens to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Don’t get too excited though, because you can’t swim in the waters. The wind is far too strong as it crashes into the rock. While it is one of the loveliest beaches on the island, you will not be able to cool off. No matter how tempting it may be.

Boca Prins Aruba/ beaches

4.) Baby Beach

I am a beach baby so it’s no surprise I love Baby Beach. Public restrooms, sun shelters, and soft white sand make this beach an easy enjoyment. Baby beach is a man-made lagoon with rocks on either side protecting it from the wind. The reason why it is named baby beach is that the smooth and steady waters are shallow and safe for children.

Baby Beach Aruba/ beaches

5.) Mamlok Beach

Mamlok beach is an iconic Caribbean beach with natural rock formations and gorgeous blue water. It is an ideal place for snorkeling. Just keep in mind there is not a lot of shade at this beach, and there are no chairs. I recommend renting an umbrella and bringing your own chair or towel.

Mamlok Beach Aruba/ beaches

6.) Fisherman’s Hut Beach

If you love water sports this is the beach for you. They offer windsurfing and kite sailing lessons. When I stumbled across the beach they were having a windsurfing competition. It was really neat to watch.

7.) Divi Beach

Divi beach is an ultimate beach for relaxation. With its calm clear waters and soft sand, just looking at the picture allows me to breathe easy.

Divi Beach/ Aruba ‘s beaches

8.) Boca Grandi Beach

The perfect beach for some isolated meditation. However, I realized quickly just why this beach doesn’t have any people. The waves are rough. Depending on how intense the wind is, it might be too dangerous to swim in these waters. Located on towards the right there are some pools with calmer waters. This is the ideal location for skinny dipping. You are going to get sand everywhere anyway. Might as well swim naked.

Boca Grandi Beach/ Aruba’s beaches

All the beaches in Aruba have a unique quality about them. I hope you get a chance to see all of Aruba’s beaches.




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