8 Gorgeous Beaches To Visit In Aruba

You really can’t go wrong visiting one of the many beaches in Aruba. As a small island you can easily get from one beach to another, so why not enjoy all of Aruba’s beaches. 1.) Mangel Halto Immediately, I see the teal waters and smell fresh fish. The mangroves canopy the beaches edge with shallowContinue reading “8 Gorgeous Beaches To Visit In Aruba”

Everything You Need to Know About Rock Climbing In Aruba

When I first booked the trip to Aruba I had vague information about rock climbing in Aruba. Assuming the best I didn’t realize that finding the climbing areas would be as difficult as it was. After researching a little more as my departure date got closer I realized the rock climbing in Aruba may notContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Rock Climbing In Aruba”

25 Things You Need To Know To Experience Aruba As A Local

So much time and energy can go into planning a trip, only for the itinerary to fall apart once you get to your destination. Here are some things you must know in order to get the most out of your expedition and to experience the culture of Aruba in a way that the locals would approve of. 

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