Five Casual Restaurants to order Vegetarian Tacos near Tampa, FL

When exploring a new city I am always in search of where to get the tastiest vegetarian local grub and Mexican food. Vegetarian options don’t have to be bland. I like to find the best places to enjoy good meatless munchies in a casual setting. After moving to Tampa I quickly realized there are tons of yummy eateries to choose from, and plenty of tex-mex options.  Since tacos is my favorite food group, I knew I had to find the absolute best vegetarian tacos in Tampa. Here are my top picks for favorite tacos in Tampa, Florida. 

5.) Gallito at Sparkman Wharf

Located in downtown Tampa, Sparkman Wharf has several pop-up restaurants with yummy eats, fresh coffee, and gelato. The unique aspect of the restaurants is they are built entirely out of shipping containers. Sparkman Wharf is a lively environment perfect for having a drink at the bar or playing corn hole with your kids. This spot has something for everyone.

The Barbados butternut squash tacos are a delectable dinner option at Gallito. The tacos are made with stone-ground homemade corn tortilla with no GMO. This taco is topped with salsa negro, feta cheese, and pumpkins seeds (pepitas) with extra flavoring. I enjoyed every bite of this taco I could have easily eaten twenty of them, which is why this made it on my top five best tacos in Tampa.

vegetarian tacos in TampaGallito at Sparkman Wharf- Tampa, Florida

4.) Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop  is a fun and inviting atmosphere with top-notch favor packed tacos. The best vegetarian option is the grilled veggie taco and it does not disappoint. Each bite more delicious than the last, I didn’t want these tacos to end. The veggies are grilled to perfection with so much taste I had to double check to be sure there wasn’t meat inside. Besides being delicious the best part about Fuzzy’s is the tacos are inexpensive. For two tasty tacos, it costs around $5. 

Fuzzy's Taco Shop- vegetarian tacos in Tampa

3.) Capital Tacos

Another great option for vegetarian tacos in Tampa is Capital Tacos. Two delicious vegetarian tacos are the mean Verde and simon-pure. First, the mean verde is a portobello mushroom taco with spicy barbecue sauce, soft black beans, and corn all on a soft flour taco. Secondly, the simon-pure is the fried avocado taco option and loaded with crunchy chips, refried beans, and creamy ranch. In addition to my tacos, I opted to get guacamole and chips too because it is never too early in the week to indulge in avocados. 

vegetarian tacos in Tampa

2.) Taco Bus 

Taco Bus offers guests a laid-back dining atmosphere with delicious corn tortilla tacos to enjoy. I order my tacos to-go. After smelling the aroma in my car I can hardly wait to eat them as a drive away.

As a vegan or vegetarian, there are several things to choose from. I ordered the plant flare with plant-based protein grilled in a chipotle sauce and a vegan steak taco. Taco bus also offers vegan cheese to top off the tacos.

1.) Tijuana Flats

Tijuana Flats is a chain restaurant with over 135 locations in several southern states including Florida. The Tex-Mex menu offers veggies tacos with black beans so you won’t have to worry about finding vegetarian options. Not to mention the tacos come with spiced tortilla chips that pair well with a side of guacamole. The warm dim atmosphere is decorated with bumper sticks as well as personalized ceiling tiles designed my organizations in the community.

Tijuana Flats

Tacos is a plant-based diet staple and I hope you enjoy eating in tacos in Tampa, Florida.

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