BEST Local Coffee Shops in Tampa, Florida

What do you think it takes to be a good coffee shop? Friendly staff, high-quality brews, and overall atmosphere. When visiting a new place I am always in search of the best places to get my caffeine fix; check out these coffee shops in Tampa that have all three.

Buttermilk Provisions

Whether you are an iced coffee fanatic, latte lover, or sweat treat enthusiast Buttermilk Provisions has something for you. They’ve got rich coffee and sweet homemade donuts made fresh every morning. Buttermilk Provisions has a fun variety of coffee flavors such as the creamy peanut butter cold brew- cubano infused with peanut butter- or even the orange spice latte. Its unique flavor is the perfect taste for Fall.

The coffee is smooth and brewed with all natural ingredients. Buttermilk Provisions’s homemade syrups include almond, vanilla, and lavender and peppermint available seasonally.

Buttermilk Provisions - Best coffee shops in Tampa

Vegan Taco Bowl- Best coffee shops in Tampa FloridaIMG_7788.jpg

Buddy Brew

Buddy Brew’s caffeinated cold brew is only one sip away from happiness. This coffee shops’s comforting coffee tables and soft sofas will make you feel like you’re right at home, so kick back and relax with a latte in hand of course. The coffee is sharp and pleasant.

Buddy Brew believes that nothing beats freshly roasted beans. After tasting coffee from around the world this coffee shop has definitely combined what they have discovered. You can purchase their coffee beans imported from Mexico, Brazil, and Columbia. The name Buddy Brew comes from the founders Dave and Susan Ward’s dog Buddy. Their motto is “brew good do good”.

Buddy Brew Coffee- Best Coffee Shops in Tampa

Caffeine Roasters Tampa  

But first, COFFEE.

Caffeine Roaster’s understands your need for caffeine. Order an oat milk vanilla latte and settle into a cozy couch for relaxing afternoon. The avocado toast will curb any hunger you get while will enjoying the atmosphere. Additionally, it will satisfy your taste buds.

Want to take the taste of Caffeine Roasters home with you? You can purchase coffee beans from El Salvador and Costa Rica to enjoy in your own home. The origin of the bean can make all the difference in the taste of coffee, and Caffeine Roasters purchases the best beans from various countries.

coffee in tampabest coffee shops in Tampa, Florida

The Blind Tiger Cafe 

You can’t miss the Blind Tiger Cafe’s bright orange and black logo, and you surely shouldn’t miss out on their coffee either. The atmosphere is models a speakeasy, hence  the name The Blind Tiger Cafe.

The Blind Tiger offers light bites such as their vegan blueberry muffins and unique coffee bean flavors.

The Blind Tiger Cafe- Best Coffee Shops in Tampa, Floirda

King State Coffee 

King State Coffee has been selected on America’s Best Coffee list, and when you visit you will see why. The bright and open space is built out of what appears to be an old garage. This old building has a modern, hippy twist that makes it the ideal spot to get some work done or catch up with a friend.

The cold brew coffee is served in a glass that makes you feel like you are drinking a mimosa- no plastic here. Each sip is thick and flavorful with the perfect combination of sweet and bitter.

King State Coffee ShopsBest coffee shop in Tampa, Florida

Foundation Coffee 

Foundation Coffee has delicious brews all over Tampa. It began as a local joint and has since spread to several locations all over Florida.

These bold brews at Foundation Coffee celebrate the art of coffee making. I enjoy drinking Foundation Coffee at Sparkman Wharf in downtown Tampa. The coffee is smooth and not too sweet or acidic. A cold brew with a little bit of oat milk makes for the perfect blend of richness.

Foundation Coffee

Hope you enjoy each one of these coffee Shops in Tampa, Florida.

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