Why Armature Works is the Place to Be on a Saturday in Tampa, Florida

About Armature

Armature Works is an old warehouse turned modern grub hub. It has some of the yummiest food in Florida with a side of a hip and young atmosphere! Armature Works in Tampa is where foodies and beer lovers unite in a flavor explosion. Here is why Armature Works is the place to be!

Tasty eateries

Armature Works is an open market with several tasty eateries with diverse menus. These restaurants are great for brunch, lunch, and everything in between.

Dixie Dharma’s plant-based menu will leave even meat-eaters full and satisfied. Vegan food is hip and trendy and Tampa has caught on. The tangy barbecue jackfruit is grilled to perfection. The jackfruit has the texture of chicken. With cole saw on top the big orange is a great choice. The cashew mac & cheese is completely vegan, but you would never know it. The mac & cheese comes in three flavors- buffalo, garlic, and original. I choose the buffalo, per the cashier’s suggestion, and it was a great decision. The side dish is both creamy yet spicy and will melt in your mouth with eating a bite.

Hemingways Cuban Cuisine is another great stop for vegetarians and Cuban food fanatics. While in Florida, you have to try Cuban food. However, finding vegetarian Cuban food isn’t easy, which is why Hemingways is a hidden gem. The black bean Cuban burger is a must-try. 





Life-size chess

Challenge your friends to an outdoor game of chess- whoever loses buys the next round of french fries. I am not a chess player, but it is an interesting game to watch.

Armature Works


The cool waters look tantalizing for a swim. Right next to Armature is a paddleboarding shop, Urban Kai, to rent gear. On a warm Saturday afternoon in the Florida sun, paddleboarding is a great excuse to emerge yourself in the river. 

Free parking on the street

Parking can be a hassle in the city. Luckily, all the street parking is completely free. As long as you are okay walking for about five minutes, you shouldn’t have to worry about parking. Don’t give up easily. There will be spots open but you might have to drive around for a few minutes.

Outdoor seating to soak up the sun

There is plenty of outdoor seating to soak up the Florida sunshine. Relax outside on one of the many lawn chairs outside Amateur Works in Tampa. I could have easily fallen asleep in any of these lounge chairs.

Armature Works -riverfront views

Rooftop Bars

Views overlooking the city skyline with an Aperol spritz in hand. What more could you need to unwind? Just up the stairs of Armature Works is an upscale bar with a view you won’t want to miss.



Armature Works has something for the whole family to enjoy. The YMCA put on several events for the kids for the fall festival celebration, including a GIANT bouncy house. Even though Armature Works serves a variety of alcohol, the relaxed atmosphere is perfect for a family-friendly event.


Local craft brews

Home crafted beer with a side of fries can make a Saturday afternoon experience. With dozens of local selections, there is something for everyone’s drink of choice. Sip on a rustic cocktail, frothy beer, or austere wine. 

Lively atmosphere

The atmosphere of Armature Works in Tampa is lively and everyone is engaged in a conversation. It is a great location for catching up with friends, colleagues, or watching your kids run around on the lawn.


Handcrafted ice cream

You will smell before you see it. The sugary aroma of Astro wafts its way into the main dining area and I know where the ice cream is before I spot it. There are fifteen toppings to choose from, so you can bet there is a flavor for everyone’s taste buds.


If you are looking for a place to stroll around with your pooch, don’t worry Armature Works allows dogs to roam on a leash. Well, they do as long as you clean up after your dog. 

Live Music

Dancing to live music is an excellent addition to my Saturday afternoon. Listen to talented bands and sway to the music. 

dancing to live music-Armature Works

Fall funitivities

It’s fall y’all. Okay, they don’t say y’all in Florida, but they do celebrate fall with flare. Pumpkins, autumn leaves, and orange everywhere are some of the decors that make Amateur Work ready for the season. There are several vendors specifically selling fall products. Pick up your fall canvases, candles, and wreaths at Armature Works. 

Here are some of the fun fall activities YMCA put on:

  • Pumpkin putt golf
  • Witch hot ring toss
  • Paint a pumpkin

pumpkin patch-Armature Works front door designs- Armature Works

Sparking water station

Right in the center of all the eateries is a water station. When the Florida heat gets to you grab a cup of water and cool off. The best part about this water station is that it offers sparkling water, or as they call it in Italy- frizzante.

Riverfront views

The calming riverfront is an ideal spot for spending a Saturday. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy watching the boats whizz by, soaking up vitamin d, and enjoying the skyline riverfront views? 


Armature Works in Tampa has a lot of offer for your weekend plans. I hope you make it out for your Saturday plans.

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