10 Low-Key Restaurants All Vegans Will Love in Washington D.C.

&pizza Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is a hub for modern vegan, vegetarian, and fad eateries. After I spent 8 weeks living in DC I learned how to navigate my taste buds around with ease. These tasty vegan dishes I indulged in are so delish even my meat-eater friends will enjoy them. Here is my compiled list of vegan food in Washington D.C.

1.) Proper Twenty One

Location: F Street NW
What to order:
Autumn Buddha bowl

The game started at noon. I was starving. Missing breakfast was not a good idea, but I wanted to get as much time exploring the city as possible. The group I was with and I rushed into Proper Twenty-One to watch the East Carolina Football game and grab some grub. I order the Autumn Buddha Bowl, perfect fo an afternoon meal. Even your meat-eater friends will be in heaven. With a well-developed burger, salad, and soup menu there are plenty of classic entrees to choose from.

The modern black and white atmosphere is open and relaxing with comfortable black leather seating and dim lighting. You could sit outside and enjoy people-watching and the city air or you could sit in the back and escape the crowds of the city.

Autumn Buddha Bowl

Wanna check out the menu? Click here!

2.) &pizza

Locations: 36 locations in D.C. 
Don’t miss: Vegan mozzarella & vegan sausage

I had full intentions of cheating on my vegan diet because I had heard this place had the best pizza around. Then I saw a sign that said ask about our vegan options. They had vegan cheese and vegan sausage to add to any pizza. I order a pizza with arugula, tomatoes, basil, vegan sausage, and cheese on a crispy flatbread.

IMG_1818&pizza Washington D.C.

Wanna check out the menu? Click here!

3.) HipCityVeg

Location: Chinatown
What to order: plant-based Philly cheesesteak

I have died and gone to vegan heaven. When I rave about Hip City Veg I am by no means exaggerating. Although the menu has chicken nuggets and a Philly cheesesteak, everything is plant-based. I was skeptical about ordering a Philly cheesesteak, but this mock sandwich is one of the most mouthwateringly tasty things I have ever eaten. The Philly cheesesteak’s gooey cheese and hearty mock Philly cheesesteak will have you full for hours. While you may be uncertain about vegan cheese, this vegan cheese it creamy and succulent.

hip city veg - vegan food in Washington D.C.

Wanna check out the menu? Click here!

4.) Beefsteak

Location: Foggy Bottom 
What to order: Lime after lime bowl

The ironic thing about Beefsteak- it’s a vegetarian restaurant. The lime after lime bowl is a southwest salad on the lighter side, which is a great option for lunch. The salad has cherry tomatoes, lentils, and corn, drizzled in a citrusy dressing.

I couldn’t help from adding on organic apple and kale juice to go along with my salad. It is the ultimate green health dinner to keep your body feeling fueled and refreshed.

beefsteak vegan food in Washington D.C.

5.)Founding Farmers

Location: Pennsylvania Ave NW,  (near the White House)
What to order: Oatmeal with fixings

Washingtonians take brunch seriously, and Founding Farmers is a hot spot for a mid-morning meal. Don’t believe me? You try getting a seat at 10 AM without a reservation. Founding Farmers has a farm to table approach to their dishes. While oatmeal might sound boring the oatmeal with fixings is anything but plain oatmeal. You can test the freshness in the food.

Founding Farmers- Vegan food in Washington D.C.

6.) Flower Child 

Location: Pennsylvania Ave NW (near the white house)
What to order: Vegan poke bowl

Flower Child is a health food restaurant that serves delicious fresh food in a vibrant atmosphere. I grab a seat by the window and wait for the waitress to deliver my food. The vegan poke bowl is an explosion of savory plant-based flavor.

flower child vegan food Washington D.C.

7.) Tonic 

Location: Foggy Bottom
What to order: Veggie Burger with a side salad

Tonic’s lively outdoor atmosphere and famous tater tots make it a top pick for vegan food in Washington D.C. On the fourth of July, I stopped into Tonic for a quick bite of tater tots. The tots come out piping hot but are so scrumptious I hate to burn my tongue to eat them immediently. The following week several of my friends in town to Tonic, and I  had to try an entrée from the full menu. The veggie burger with a side salad is a fresh and authentic vegan option to indulge in.

veggie burger vegan food Washington D.C.IMG_1534.jpg

8.) Bluestone Lane

Location: Dupont Circle
Don’t miss: Avocado Toast

If you haven’t jumped on the avocado toast bandwagon you will after you try Bluestone Lane’s avocado toast.  This dish is creamy avocado spiced with red pepper flakes and drizzled in olive oil. It is by far the best avocado toast I have ever tasted.

Bluestone Lane Washington D.C.

9.)Union Market 

Location: Union Market
Don’t miss: Vegan poke bowl

The Union Market is your culinary destination in Washington D.C. There are many modern dining options to choose from. Home-brewed kombucha and zesty vegan poke bowls at TaKorean make this destination a hot spot for yummy food.


10.) Chaia Tacos

Location: Georgetown
Don’t miss: Rainbow carrot tacos

Chaia Tacos are an explosion of flavor and the ideal way to consume vegetables. The earthy mushroom tacos is an all-time favorite. All natural and fresh ingredients make the tastiest tacos one of best places to eat vegetarian and vegan food.

vegetarian tacos- vegan food in Washington D.C.

Vegan food in Washington D.C. is divine. I hope you enjoy each of these restaurants for your own plant-based paradise.



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