Future Educator Focuses on Connection and and Positive Change

You ever met a person who’s personality can only be described as a ray of sunshine? Well, that’s Hannah Lawson. Her bubbly outgoing personality is a thermostat. It changes the temperature of a room, making everything a little brighter and warmer. Hannah is a North Carolina native from Walnut Cove, but you could guess thatContinue reading “Future Educator Focuses on Connection and and Positive Change”

ULTIMATE Travel Guide to Florence, Italy

Ciao! Florence is the capital of the Tuscan region in Italy. As the home to many awe-inspiring Renaissance masterpieces, ancient cobblestone streets, and the iconic Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, this city is undeniably alluring. Use this travel guide to Florence, Italy as your leading light while visiting this magical city. Visit Famous ArtContinue reading “ULTIMATE Travel Guide to Florence, Italy”

25 Times Italy will Leave you Speechless

Living in Italy for three months is a tranquil voyage of a lifetime. There are numerous stunning sites to visit throughout this little country shaped like a boot. Here are a few of my favorite spots in Italy that will leave you speechless, and make you want to visit Italy. 1.) Cinque Terre’s Waterfront HousesContinue reading “25 Times Italy will Leave you Speechless”

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