Wrapped Up in Charleston~Best Places to Get Vegan Wraps

vegan wraps in Charleston

While in Charleston, there are many sights, sounds, and tastes you must divulge in. Eating vegan is easier in large cities, and Charleston is no different. Although seafood is commonly thought of to be a Charleston staple, the historic city has an unexpected vegan culture as well. When visiting South Carolina I was on a mission to find the best vegan wraps in Charleston.  While traveling I eat light, inexpensive lunches that are just  enough to keep my stomach from growling. A wrap is a perfect pick.

Here are some of the best vegan wraps in Charleston, SC, that I recommend you give a try.

1.) Gnome Cafe 

Gnome Cafe is a five-minute walk from NotSo Hostel, and I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it sooner, seeing as that’s where I was staying. This tasty plant-based restaurant has a healthy plant-based vegan/vegetarian menu with gluten-free options.

Their vegan breakfast wraps are hearty and delicious and will keep you full until dinner. The wrap consisted of spicy mango salsa, potatoes, tofu scramble, avocado, and sautéed veggies. For an extra $2 you can add portobello “bacon”, and for an additional $3.50 you can add hemp “sausage” to your burrito. If you aren’t in the mood for breakfast food there are plenty of lunch choices as well such as vegan caesar salad and even a mock fried chicken sandwich.


2.) Dellz Uptown

Dellz has a wide selection to choose from on the vegan and vegetarian menu. This restaurant has pizza, salads, nachos, and wraps. Needless to say, Dellz has got every plant-based eater covered. I choose a hearty chick’n and bacon wrap for my dinner option, per the waitress recommendation. This is no ordinary vegan wrap, it has mock chick’n, tempeh bacon, avocado, black beans, rice, diced tomatoes, and goddess dressing. 

I would eat this wrap everyday if I could. Too bad Uber Eats won’t deliver a couple states away. 

vegan wraps in Charleston

3.) Beech 

While shopping on King street I grew hungry and needed to grab a bite. Thankfully, Beech is located right in the heart of the movement around Charleston. As a health food restaurant, vegans and vegetarians alike have choices. The black bean and hummus wraps are a fresh lunch option. What makes this wrap one of my top picks is that all of the veggies are raw- not cooked in extra oils or preservatives.The mashed beans and hummus act as a dressing and give the veggies an extra kick of flavor. 


4.) Brown Dog Deli 

Tempeh and vegan cheese in a tomato basil shell. What more could a vegan ask for? Brown Dog Deli is conveniently located near the Charleston marketplace, and it is a fan favorite. The best part about Brown Dog Deli is that they accommodate vegans and meat-eaters alike. If I am traveling with non-plant-based friends, this is the restaurant I take them to. I choose a tempeh wrap with veggies and vegan cheese. Since I was extra hungry I opted for a side of cucumbers and hummus, which was a great addition to the wrap. 

vegan wraps in Charleston

To wrap up, I hope you enjoy Charleston as much as I do.

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