Where to Stay in Washington D.C. & How to Avoid My Mistakes

The Liaison Washington Capitol Hill hotels in Washington D.C.

Without knowing much about neighborhoods in Washington D.C. I booked a place to stay. It was the end of my internship and my mom was coming up for a visit before I left D.C. We had the perfect weekend planned. After the closing ceremony of my internship, my mom and I head to dinner with a family friend, who happens to be a Washington D.C. native. At the end of our meal, I told him which we were staying in Capital Heights. Without hesitation, he replied, “You’re kidding right”? I wasn’t. It was then he informed me that the neighborhood was a dangerous part of town. I had no idea. Instead of staying there my mom decided to crash in my dorm room for one more night, and we scrambled to find another place to stay the next night.

Is the area safe?

Finding a safe area in a big city is tricky. Not knowing the area very well I first booked a place in Columbia Heights, only to find out from a local that the area is unsafe for visitors. Rookie mistake.

Be cautious when reserving an inexpensive Airbnb in the city.  Even though I am usually always pinching pennies there is no price too high for safety. In Washington D.C. paying extra money means you are in a safer area. Foggy Bottom, Dupont Circle, and Georgetown are all upscale protected neighborhoods.

Are there restaurants nearby?

Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom Georgetown, and anywhere near the Capitol or Mall are great locations with a variety of restaurants and activities nearby. From casual to fine dining these areas have got you covered.

At the end of a long sight-seeing day, neither of us was in the mood for a trek to find food. Within five minutes of walking, we found a variety of eateries. My Mom and I stopped by Magnolia’s Kitchen and Bar and split a garden veggie pizza. With the never-ending amount of restaurants in the area, Dupont Circle is one of the best places to grab a bite in the city.

Additionally, there is also a homemade ice cream shop, Larry’s Homemade Ice Cream, right around the corner, for your post-dinner sweet tooth.

pizza in Dupont Circle
Magnolia’s Kitchen & Bar in Dupont Circle

Three places I recommend staying:

Victorian-Style Airbnb in Dupont Circle

This Victorian-style bedroom takes me back in time. The dreamy design made me want to sleep in, stay in bed, and enjoy the beautiful bedroom. Not to mention you will melt into this bed’s extreme softness. The next night in Washington D.C. I stayed in a high-end hotel and even their beds are not as comfy as this Airbnb’s. I am thankful to have found this boutique angelic Airbnb in Dupont Circle for the perfect girls’ trip.

Victorian-Style Airbnb in Dupont Circle 

The Liaison Washington Capitol Hill

The Liaison Washington Capitol Hill is a relaxing stay only a few blocks away from the Capitol building. Upon arrival our room wasn’t ready yet, so my mom and I walked a few blocks away from the hotel to have a picnic on the Capitol’s front lawn. When the room was ready we were ready to crash. After a full day of exploring Washington D.C., it felt like to rest at the Liaison. Before snoozing the night away we venture up to the rooftop to watch the sun go down. There is a swimming pool, cabanas, and an outdoor checkers game to play. The outdoor patio area is perfect for entertaining or unwinding.

The Liaison Washington Capitol Hill hotels in Washington D.C.

The W

I discovered the glamorous Hotel W in Washington D.C.  while my friends and I were in search of nightlife activities. We discovered POV, a rooftop bar attached to the W and overlooking the White House. This luxurious bar is only one aspect of this hotel. If you stay at the W you will also gain access to the VIP section of the POV bar. It is the stay of a lifetime.

W Hotel in Washington D.C.


It is going to cost WHAT???

Booking a luxurious hotel in the heart of D.C. can be pricy, but it doesn’t have to be. When purchasing your flight, see if there are any deals for hotels. Booking websites, such as Kayak or Expedia, often offer deals that make expensive hotel affordable. You can find deals to go along with your flight. If you are willing to pay extra, Washington D.C. offers many glamours hotel stays, just be aware of the price tag before your arrival.

Where to park?

In most places, you won’t have to worry about where to park at your hotel. But in Washington D.C. you will. If you call ahead to where you are staying and they say there is free street parking, don’t believe them. If there is free street parking it is usually full. In that case, overnight garage parking is your best bet. Many hotels offer valet parking, but it is overpriced. My advice is to find the cheapest parking garage and metro to your hotel.

Washington D.C. is the heartbeat of America. Although finding the perfect stay isn’t easy it is worth the extra effort. So put on that American flag t-shirt and your most patriotic attitude and get cozy in any of these stays in Washington D.C.

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