Sunrises, Sunsets, & a Starry Night Sky in Hilton Head, South Carolina

The sunrises, sunsets, and starry night sky in Hilton Head, South Carolina is unlike any other. While on vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina my favorite thing to photograph by far were the sunrises, sunsets, and starry night sky on the beach. All of my images are shot on a Canon 5D Mark IV using a 24mm-105mm lens. Here are some of my favorite and the settings I used to capture Hilton Head beach photography.

Early morning sunrise

At 5am I reluctantly craw out of bed in hopes of seeing the comet Neowise and capturing the perfect sunrise image. Both of those things happened. Although due to light pollution Neowise was very dim and unable to be photographed. I gave up on Neowise and found the perfect spot to view the sunrise. I waited for the perfect opportunity and a girl happened to walk by at an opportune time for me to get the shot I envisioned.

Aperture- f/20
ISO- 3200
Shutter speed- 1/500 sec
Length- 50mm 


Aperture- f/20
ISO- 3200
Shutter speed-1/1250 sec
Focal length- 55mm

This image is the same spot taken a few minutes after. The sun is starting to peak through the trees and you can begin to see the blue in the clouds. It is simply dreamy.


Evnening sunset

What could be better than spending time wwatching the sun go down and the sky painted in all shades of orange, yellow, and pink.

Aperture- f/22
ISO- 400
Shutter speed- 1/320 sec
Focal Length- 70mm

0D8A8709 2

Shutter speed- 1/500 sec
Focal Length- 90mm

sunsets in Hilton Head

Aperture- f/22
ISO- 640
Shutter Speed- 1/160
Focal Length- 35mm

Sunsets in Hilton Head- Hilton Head Photography

Night sky with heat lightning

For most of the week the nights were cloudy and rainy, but on the last night of our trip the conditions are perfect. I captured this image with heat lighting lighting up the frame. The lights are from the Savanna, GA directly across the water.

Aperture- f/11
ISO- 3200
Shutter speed- 30 sec
Focal length- 24mm

Night views at Hilton Head Beach- Hilton Head Photography

Nature is so interesting to shoot because it is unpredictable. You could shoot the same sky each day and capture a different image. That is a big reason why I loved capturing Hilton Head beach photography.

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