A Heavenly Sunrise at Garden of the Gods, Colorado

An Early Start to the Colorado Park

Visiting Garden of the Gods at Sunrise Summer 2020

Bright and early doesn’t is an understatement to how the day starts. Waking up at 4:30 AM is not ideal, but my excitement about the sunrise at Garden of the Gods in Colorado keeps me from hitting the snooze button. My cousin makes me a cup of coffee, and I am ready to go with coffee in hand. It is my first time in Colorado, and I am prepared to explore.

Growing up in a small town many of my friends and classmates live down the street from their grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. While I wish I lived down the street from my family, we are all scattered across the country. My cousin, Anna, lives in Colorado, Springs. Although Anna and I are close, I have never seen her home in Colorado, until now. She lives about thirty minutes from Garden of the Gods, and insists that I must see it while in town. After I saw it I knew she was right.

Sunrise at Garden of the Gods
My cousin Anna at Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is one of the most stunning and bizzare rocks formations in Colorado, Springs. Visitors come from all over to take a look at the ancient sandstone formations. This is just another reason why arriving at sunrise was a great idea. If you arrive later in the day the parking lot fills quickly.

Colorado is different than I expected. In my mind, I imagined green mountains and rocky cliffs. While some parts of Colorado are mountainous much of Colorado is flat and dry. Driving around Colorado Springs, there are ranches with cattle and horses.

Sunrise at Garden of the Gods in Colorado summer 2020

As we got closer I see the formations, and my excitement cannot contain itself any longer. I had never seen anything like it before. Pulling into the parking lot there are only a few other cars next to us. Other than those few cars we are alone, but I grab my mask just in case. When we entered the park the sky is cloudy and pink.

We couldn’t see the sunrise

Garden of the Gods at Sunrise- Colorado
Garden of the Gods at Sunrise

Unfortunately, on the day we went I couldn’t see much of the sunrise. Nevertheless, it is surreal to be at Garden of the Gods before the crowds come in. We walked around, took pictures, and chatted with a few of the other visitors.

About an hour or so later the crowds started to trickle in. I saw people carrying climbing gear. I followed them to see where they were climbing. Turns out there are climbing routes all throughout the Garden of the Gods. I mentally make a note than one day I want to come back and climb here.

The sun and heat have risen and we are hungry and in desperate need of more coffee. Thankfully, my cousin knows a spot. After leaving the park we stop by Pikes Perk to grab a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin. Spending a morning at Garden of the Gods for sunrise is perfect.

Garden of the Gods Colorado
Garden of the Gods wildflowers
Mt. Rainer Washington

“I hope you travel like you mean it.”

— Morgan

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