How to Pack 10 Days of Clothing in a Carry-on

The last thing you want on a 10 day backpacking adventure is to have too much baggage to lug around. Fitting multiple days worth of clothes in a carry-on is challenging, but not impossible. Follow these carry-on packing tips and fit everything you need in a small backpack.

Find the perfect backpack ahead of time

Finding the right backpack makes a huge difference. Cotopaxi backpacks are great bags to fix several weeks of travel clothes comfortably.

Wear your bulkiest clothing

One of the best carry-on packing tips is what not to put in your bag. Wearing your bulkiest clothing will leave space for other clothes. This includes heavy jackets, sweaters, shoes, etc. You might be a little hot at the airport, but you won’t want to leave your jacket at home for chilly temperatures.

Plan out all outfits beforehand

If you are a chronic over-packer, try planning out your outfits beforehand. Bring exactly what you need, with only a few exceptions in case of weather changes. When traveling lightly plan out every detail, and keep it simple.

Start with neutrals

Along with keeping it simple, wearing minimalist-style clothing helps with recreating sleek looks with few pieces of clothing. Bring neutral clothing that can be paired with other pieces. Mix and match clothes to feel like you aren’t wearing the same clothes every day.

Roll your clothes

Rolling is going to be your best friend when all you have is a backpack. This technique is a major space-saver. Yes, it will wrinkle your clothes, but there is a simple solution to that. Pack a small bottle of de-wrinkle spray to keep your clothing from looking wrinkled.

Limit pairs of shoes

There is no way around it. The shoes have to be left behind. Shoes are so bulky so limit to only one or two pairs. Be sure that the shoes you do pack are good walking shoes. No heels or wedges.

Keep toiletries to a minimum

When it comes to toiletries only pack the bare minimum. Leave the hairdryer at home. Often times hotels or hostels will have towels, sheets, and hairdryers for guests. Bring enough to make you feel comfortable, but keep in mind whatever you forget you can probably pick up at a local drug store.

Put any liquids in a plastic bag

The last thing you want is to fumble around your bag at security in search of your toiletries. Some airports require all liquids to be in a clear bag. Even if they don’t it is good practice to get in the habit of doing. It will also help keep all toiletries organized and easy to grab what you need.

Don’t bring valuables

Don’t bring expensive jewelry or clothing on a trip. You might break or lose it, and it isn’t worth the risk. When you are on your trip you won’t be missing anything from back home.

Leave the laptop behind

If you can leave your laptop and other expensive technology behind; do it. Technology is expensive to replace and easy to damage. Even a quick afternoon downpour could cause irreparable harm to your tech gear. Spend money on plane tickets not replacements for damaged gear.

Bring an extra bag for dirty clothes & hand wash is necessary

Some clothes you won’t want to re-wear, put those in a separate bag. When you get the chance you can wash them in the sink and wear them again.

After following these carry-on packing tips you and your backpack will be ready to see the world.

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