The Womanish Experience in Chicago- Here’s the “ish”

Womanish Experience Exhibit

Chicago art museums and exhibits are all closed to stay safe during Covid-19. There one art exhibit now open to the public. Ladies, this one is for you. The Womanish Experience in downtown Chicago is an interactive art exhibit that is inspiring, empowering, and downright fun.

Our mission is to create safe spaces for women from all different backgrounds to connect with others while creating a sense of community in an environment designed and imagined just for them.


Covid safety protocols

The Womanish Exhibit is a four-floor experience. You start from the top and work your way down. Only fifty people are allowed to be in the building at once and each group must stay socially distanced. They will take your temperature at the door and require you to wear a mask upon entry. You can only take your mask off while taking pictures and at a safe distance from other groups.

Art inspired by inequality

In a typical art museum you walk around observe art on the walls. Womanish is different. You become a part of the artwork. Their intention is for guests to fully immerse themselves in the experience. While the overall tone is fun and playful the creators of the Womanish experience hit topics such as the wage gap, pink tax, and censorship perfectly. They showcase the oppressive problems women face living in a patriarchal society. Each display is unique, creative, and totally insta-worthy. Although the artists cover heavy topics, you can’t help but enjoy yourself. You can color on the walls, swing on a swing set, or ride around in a shopping cart.

Brief overview of a few of the topics highlighted & why they matter

The Pink Tax- Consumerish

The “pink tax” is not a tax, but the fact that products markets towards women are significantly higher than products targets towards men. A perfect example of this is feminine products are taxed as a luxury, while viagra is taxed as a necessity. Another quick example is men’s razors vs. women’s razors. Often men’s razors are cheaper and better quality. So if you want to fight the patriarchy stop buying women’s razors and other products marketed towards women. The Consumerish display shows a large receipt with all statistics of the exploitation of women consumers. On average women pay 40% more for the same product.

Wage Gap- Paidish

As of this year, a woman on average makes $0.81 per $1 as a man. Even if they are doing the same job women’s work is not see as valuable as men’s. It’s time we debunk that myth and advocate for equal pay. It is also important to note that the wage gap has significantly decreased over the years, but only for women without children. The forty-hour workweek is designed with the idea that women are staying home to take care of the home and children full time. It is almost impossible for women to work full time, and still be responsible for child-rearing and homemaking. If we are to advocate for the closing of the wage gap we should also be advocating for paid maternity and paternity leave. When talking about the wage gap, we must think of ways to restructure workplaces and make them inclusive to mothers. The Paidish exhibit has green lights and a sign that says “F You Pay Us”. Couldn’t have said it better.

Censorship- Censoredish

Comments like “she was asking for it” and “woman objectify themselves” are ways that men (and some women) blame women for the violence perpetrated against them. A woman wearing a bikini on Instagram and a woman fully clothed deserves respect. It’s time we stop censoring girls, and it’s time we start holding men accountable for their actions. This display is humorous and sarcastic so be prepared to giggle a little.

Self-Care- Selfish

Taking care of yourself can look like many different things. It can mean going to therapy, spending time alone, cooking for yourself, or leaving that job. Whatever it looks like embrace it. If it means treating yourself to a salon day, so be it. The self-care display has excellent lighting for selfies so be prepared to snap some pictures.

Embracing your inner child- Childish

Embrace your inner child and swing on the swing set, color on the walls, or ride around in a toy jeep. Why not?

Engaging your senses- Lightish

Womanish is stimulating and fun. Walking through the light exhibit is hallucinogenic and trippy. The rooms with head to toe colors of yellow, blue, and red are also particularly sensory engaging.

Glimpse of the displays

This is the future of art

Modern art is all about self-expression. The Womanish Exhibit, and others like it, are so important to the future of artists. For so long women and people of color have not had a chance to share their voice and perspective through self-expression. Art centers around the male gaze, but Womanish is art by women for women. It is uplifting and empowering seeing this kind of inclusion.

Tickets for Womanish Experience are on sale for $35 per person.

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