March Munchie of the Month in Chicago, IL – Edie’s All Day Cafe & Bar

When I arrive in the city, I make my way along the river-walk with thoughts of grilled cheese in my head. Edie’s All Day Cafe and Bar, located in downtown Chicago, is packed for Sunday brunch. I put my name on the wait-list. This isn’t my first time, so I already know it’s worth the wait. To kill time, I walk around outside for about twenty-five minutes until my phone buzzes. My table for one is ready.

I hear the low buzz of conversations and the clanking of forks when I walk in. I forgot how busy Sunday brunch could be in the city. It’s the only acceptable time to have alcohol before noon. The waitress is kind and friendly as she leads me to a couch that is all mine for the next hour or so. She chats with me about cameras once she sees my Canon 5D Mark IV on the table. The atmosphere and the staff are friendly, but that’s just the cherry on top for a delicious menu.

Coffee first please

I order a rose latte with oatmilk. For starters, it’s pink. Drinking a pink latte is fun, but it doesn’t even compare to the taste. I lived in Italy for three months. Italian coffee is molto bene, and ever since then, I have become a bit of a coffee snob. Edie’s coffee is well brewed, and that is coming from the mouth of a coffee snob. The latte comes with fresh rose petals on top. Each time I take a sip, I inhale the floral scent of the edible petals. It’s like drinking a bouquet. The double shot of espresso is creamy and rich under a foamy top layer of pink raspberry syrup and oat milk. The rose petals don’t have much flavor, but you can eat them if you want.

Ooey gooey goodness

When the grilled cheese arrives, I put down my latte and take a bit. The gooey cheese with the sweet strawberry jam on a crispy toasted multigrain bread is the perfect trio. Also, the sandwich comes with a dab of spicy-sweet mustard, which surprisingly adds a perfect twang to the experience. The bread is thick and soft in the center. Yet the crust is crispy. The whole thing is a warm, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth kind of experience.

Fresh fruit

The sandwich comes with a side of chips, but I opt for a cup of fruit. Just like everything else I have already tried, the fruit cup is fresh. It comes with grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and melon. The lightly sweet taste of the grapes complements the savory taste of the grilled cheese perfectly. The grapes are so refreshing they taste like summer.

Edie's Cafe Chicago -Fruit cup

Edie’s All Day Cafe & Bar in downtown Chicago has delicious food and coffee, which is why it is March’s Munchie of the Month. Browse the menu to get your order ready for your next experience.

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