Stand-Up Burgers in Chicago, IL – July Munchie of the Month

Stand-Up Burgers Chicago

My stomach growls and the clouds sprinkle. It’s going to downpour. The night before I read the predicted weather report, but ultimately I decide to head into the city anyway. As the morning drudges on, I begin to get hungry and want to escape the inevitable monsoon. I head towards the riverwalk to find a restaurant, but as fate would have it I stumble upon the perfect one. I stop in my tracks when I see the sign that says ‘100% Burger, Zero% Animal. Stand-Up Burgers, in downtown Chicago, is entirely plant-based. It’s only 10:50. I squint to see the sign; open in ten minutes. I decide to walk around a couple blocks in the rain until they open.

After covering a couple of blocks I head back to the restaurant. They are open. Just in time too. The rain gets heavier. Since it is still early for lunch I am the only one in the store, and I am greeted by several employees, one of whom is named Val. At Stand-Up Burgers, vegetarians and vegans have many options. The entire menu is an option. After deliberation, I select the O.G. Burger.

Hearty, Savory, Filling

Per the cashier’s recommendation, I order the OG Burger. This is a burger you have to eat with both hands. Take a big bite. Be sure to get some of the lettuce tomato, vegan cheddar cheese, onion, and vegan chipotle mayo all in one bit, or you’ll miss out on the full experience.

After snapping a few pictures Val, an employee at Stand-Up Burger asks me what I am working on. I tell her about my blog and she eagerly tells me about Stand-Up Burger. Stand-Up Burger is new to the city, only about a month old. There are two locations currently in the city. Val, although not a vegetarian loves everything on the menu, and recommended the chili cheese fries. She says “We like to think about what makes food taste good, like salt and oil, and make it plant-based”. Val when on to talk about how growing up at Mcdonalds she always loved burgers, so loving these plant-based burgers was not much of a transition. If you like burgers, “you’ll like Stand-Up Burger.

We like to think about what makes food taste good, like salt and oil, and make it plant-based

Val, an employee at Stand-Up Burger

Eating plant-based does not mean flavorless food, Stand-Up Burgers in Chicago is great for food-loving vegetarians, vegans, and meat-lovers alike. When you eat plant-based your doctor, and the animals will thank you.

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