Ravioli at Trattoria Gianni~ August Munchie of the Month

If you are talking about Italian food, you speak my language. As an avid fan of all things pasta, discovering excellent Italian food in Chicago is the next best thing aside from flying to Rome. Chicago offers a never-ending selection of dining experiences. You could try a new restaurant every day for a year and still eat fresh food each day.

Since I studied abroad in Italy, I’ll admit that I think I am an Italian food critic. From time to time, I find myself craving a taste of Italy. One evening I got that experience at Trattoria Gianni. I spend the afternoon with penguins, polar bears, and monkeys at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Located a couple of blocks from the Lincoln Park Zoo, Trattoria Gianni has a charming outdoor setting and an authentic taste of Italy. The menu offers appetizers and aged wines. They expect you to stay awhile. 

As close to Italy as one can get in Chicago

Chicago Tribune

I sit down with a ravenous appetite, but I certainly do not leave with one. I contemplate ordering one of everything off the menu. Still, instead, I select the (ravioli burro e salvia) homemade spinach ravioli stuffed w/ ricotta cheese, burned butter, sage & parmigiano. It is one of those dinners you sit down and sigh—Amore at first bite. The first bite to the last takes me back to my time in Italy. The flavor notes are apparent. I can taste the distinct flavor of sage and fresh parmesan.

As much as I enjoy pasta from a box now and then, you can taste that these noodles are homemade, and it makes all the difference. With a belly full of pasta, I declare it was an evening well spent. 

Italian Food in Chicago

If you are in the mood for Italian food in Chicago look no further, Trattoria Gianni should be next on your list.

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