September Munchie of the Month- Deep Dish Pizza at Labriola

Chicago’s Famous Deep-Dish Pizza at Labriola

I am confident that an umbrella is the most sold item at the museum today. The Art Institute closes at 5 pm, and it’s 5:06. My friend Anna and I came into the city to see the museum and The Bean and eat some Chicago deep-dish pizza. Unfortunately, the weather put a damper on our plans. When we catch a glimpse of what’s happening outside the museum’s doors, both of us look at one another with equally terrifying looks. It’s a downpour. I put my jean jacket on my head, and we rush outside. I am certain the weather will damper our plans until Anna finds Labriola in Chicago, and both of us get to enjoy some of the best deep-dish pizza either of us

Within a few minutes, the rain dies down, and we decide to see The Bean before grabbing dinner. While we are at The Bean, my boyfriend calls me and warns me that a storm is coming within the next twenty minutes, and the rain we thought we escaped will only worsen. Let’s find food now. There is a pizza place about a fifteen-minute walk from The Bean; we start to head there. As the rain worsened, we dodged in and out of stores. I want to stay as dry as possible. We arrive at the pizza place, and the line is out the door; I hear a Dad mumble that there will be at least a two-hour wait. I didn’t believe him, so we waited in line to put our names on the list. Sure enough, for only two people, it would be a two-hour wait. Time for Plan B. Anna quickly looks up another place close by and snags us reservations in the next thirty minutes.

Mozzarella & Basil- a match made in pizza heaven

Within a few minutes, we are out of the rain and inside the restaurant, Labriola. It’s too early for our reservation, so we sit at the only two seats left at the bar, sip on water, and try to dry off. When it’s time for our reservation, they squeeze us at a tiny table for two. Anna and I scan the menu and decide to split a deep-dish pizza. Labriola’s atmosphere is lively yet intimate. Anna and I start chatting and enjoying one another’s company; the pizza arrives, and our famished bellies are ready to dig in.

When the pizza arrives, we both start salivating. It’s gooey, cheesy, and mouth-wateringly tasty. By far the best deep-dish pizza I have ever had in the city. I didn’t even think I liked deep-dish all the much, but now I know I just hadn’t had Lariola’s pizza. After sufficiently stuffing our faces, Anna and I somehow manage to roll ourselves out of the restaurant to head home.

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