Where to Get Freebies on your Birthday

Last year, my birthday was a little different. I moved from North Carolina to Illinois in late December. With a birthday in January, I had no idea how to celebrate since I was new to the area and the places were still closed due to the pandemic. I came up with the idea. My mission became to find out where to get freebies on your birthday- no necessary purchase. You would not believe how generous some businesses are. 

I started early in the morning. Usually, I like to head to Ulta and Sephora first. It took me about five hours to complete my list, but it could take less depending on how close you are to everything. 

There is a downside. To sign up for free goodies, they usually require you to provide an email. All year I have been spammed by Starbucks and Firehouse, but when I got the free coupon, it made it all worth it. 

Krispy Creme – Krispy Kreme surprises me with an entire dozen of hot glazed donuts. I would have been happy with one but twelve. I eat a few, but I certainly can not eat twelve. 

Moes Southwest Grill–  Moes offers a free round of chips and queso on them for your special day. 

Noodles and Company – They don’t give out a whole meal, but you get a free dessert. They give you a rice krispies treat dessert or a chocolate chip cookie. 

Panera- Panera will let you pick one of the sweet treats from their display. They have cookies, muffins, and other tasty sugary goods, but I got a cinnamon roll. 

Red Robin- Red Robin is one of my favorites. They give out a whole meal for free on your birthday. I got a burger, fries, and a birthday ice cream Sunday with a cherry on top. 

Sephora- Sephora gives out excellent birthday gifts. Last year they gave me the Laneige sleeping mask set, which retails at $20. Once you put your email in, they will send you a gift reminder. Even though it is a travel set, the mini version lasted me long. This year I received a Laura Mercier setting powder and eyeshadow stick.

Starbucks- Starbucks will send you a coupon for a free drink. It’s the one time a year I splurge and get a venti. I can’t resist. 

Ulta- You must be a beauty insider to receive a gift from Ulta. It was a little complicated because I didn’t get an email. Once I told the employee about it, I showed her my license, and she kindly gave me the gift. They gave me a travel size Better than Sex tube of mascara last year. This year they offer a finishing powder for the birthday surprise.

Waffle House – Of course, I signed up for Waffle House’s email list in hopes of getting a free birthday waffle. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Waffle House near me for miles. Instead, I sent the birthday coupon to my dad and told him to eat it in my honor. 

My secret is out. You know where to get freebies on your birthday. It has become a tradition of mine every year. I might not have time to hit all the stops next time, but now I know my favorite ones to hit. It’s a fun way to celebrate. 

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  1. Jersey Mike’s has always been my go to for a free birthday sub! Highly recommend.

  2. I went to Jersey Mike’s too, and completely forgot to add it to the list! I’ll add it! Thanks for that! Definitely a great deal!

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