2023 Best Sunscreen Products for the Summer

My favorite sunscreen products

It was somewhere around 2020 when I stopped trying to tan and started wearing sunscreen every day. I have fair skin, also known as pasty, but I always loved getting a summer glow by laying out for hours during the summer and going to the tanning bed before events like senior prom. Getting sunburned used to be an annual ritual at the start of summer. Coming home with red as a tomato skin meant I was building my base tan. 

When we were growing up, the goal was always to get tan, not to mention most sunscreens had a specific smell, and they left a white cast on my face that made me look like a ghost. Now, my perspective about being pale and wearing SPF has changed altogether. 

Last winter, I had to remove a mole to test if it was cancerous- it was benign, but it made me even more scared and cautious when caring for my skin. My skin rarely burns now, once I started being more diligent with wearing sunscreen. I wear sunscreen daily, and it’s been years since I have had a bad sunburn. 

Wearing sunscreen is a part of my summer routine. I have tried a bunch of products, but there are a few products that stick out to me as my favorite. Here are a few of the 2023 best sunscreen products I live by.

Supergoop SPF Eyeshadow 

Supergoop is one of the first brands I learned about that prioritized higher SPF in their products. The Supergoop Eyeshadow is an excellent way to get an extra layer of SPF before applying sunscreen. Having sunscreen built into the makeup itself is a game-changer. 

supergoop SPF eyeshadow- best sunscreen products

Eucerin Daily Hydration SPF 30

2023 best sunscreen products

Although this is on my list for 2023 best sunscreen products, I have known about Eucerin lotion for a long time.

Applying sunscreen to my whole body used to be something I only did at the beach, but Eucerin goes on buttery smoothy and leaves my legs and arms looking hydrated.

I put it on each day I walk in the sun- even just a few minutes.Each time I wear it I never worry about coming home the color of a fire truck. It doesn’t smell or have the sunscreen smell- ideal for everyday use.

CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen

Finding the right shade of foundation is a pain. I also hate how heavy most foundations feel for my day-to-day look. I might use a more serious foundation for a nighttime going-out look, but I like to keep my makeup light for the day. The CeraVe tinted sunscreen surprised me. It gave me coverage, felt light, and had SPF 30, so I could feel comfortable going out and not getting sunburned. 

CeraVe Hydrating Mineral Lotion- 2023 best sunscreen products

Sun Bum Glow 30 Tinted Moisturizer 

I often use tinted moisturizer as a foundation. The Sun Bum Glow is easy on the go and feels light on the skin. It doesn’t provide much color or coverage, but it evens out my red tones, and it looks like I am not wearing any makeup. 

sum bum glow 30 spf

Neutrogena Water Glow Lotion SPF 30

In the morning, my skin is dry and in need of a refresh. The Neutrogena Water Glow Lotion is a water-based moisturizer seeps into my skin, leaving it feeling awake and refreshed. Since this product has an SPF of 30, some days, I will only use this. 

2023 best sunscreen products

Hero Force Shield 

The Hero Force Shield feels smooth and light, with no harsh chemicals. Hero Force Shield is one of the least toxic sunscreens of 2023. It takes your skin from a dull matte look to glowy and refreshed.

2023 best sunscreen products

Supergoop Resetting Spray 

If you are going out to a festival with a full face of makeup, you can’t put sunscreen on over your makeup, but you will need to reapply. The Supergoop Resetting Spray will ensure that your makeup stays in place and your skin is protected. 

2023 best sunscreen products

Elta MD 

 I was given this moisturizer from my dermatologist and immediately loved it. It reduced the appearance of my pores and made my skin look amazing. I also have sensitive skin, and using the Elta MD never irritated it. When I use Elta MD to start, my skin always looks a bit brighter. 

2023 best sunscreen products

Sun Bum SPF 30 chapstick 

The lips are easily forgotten when putting on sunscreen. Most sunscreens I grew up using were for the body, not the lips. The Sun Bum Spf 30 chapstick keeps my lips soft and smells like coconut, and my boyfriend always notices when I wear it. 

Sum Bum chapstick

Sun Bum Tanning Oil- SPF 30

The Sun Bum tanning oil works wonders if you still want a summer glow but don’t want your skin to burn. I sprayed the tanning oil on for an afternoon by the pool. When I lathered the oil on my skin, I was wearing shorts- not planning on getting in the water. I missed the whole spot on my upper leg, the only sunburned part. A tanning oil will help your skin get a glowy, bronzed look while still protecting. Just be sure to use an SPF of at least 30. 

Sun Bum Sunscreen Oil

Supergoop body oil 

The Supergoop glow oil makes your skin shine, but with SPF 40, it also keeps it protected. If you love your skin to have a dewy look, this will keep it glowing all summer. 

Supergoop glow oil

Supergoop SPF Lipshade

These super sexy Supergoop lip shades are perfect for keeping your lips hydrated while adding a hint of color.

2023 best sunscreen products

La Roche-Posay

If you aren’t looking for a tint to your sunscreen, La Roche-Posay is a great moisturizer and sunscreen for everyday wear.

Sun Bum Face Mist

Part of the reason why I love Sun Bum products so much is because they smell incredible. The Sun Bum Face mist smells like fresh bananas. It is perfect for days you wear makeup or don’t want to keep putting lotion on your face. I keep the fog in my purse and spray the face mist on my face every hour. 

2023 best sunscreen products

Neutrogena Beach Defense

While at the beach or the pool, it’s important to lather on the SPF. The UV rays can be more intense when reflecting off the water. Neutrogena Beach Defense is my go-to when I know I will be in the water. You won’t have to worry about your sunscreen washing off once you get in the water or beach. This sunscreen will be water resistant for up to eighty minutes. You can find it online or in every travel aisle at Walmart and Target- perfect for grabbing sunscreen before heading out on a trip.

Keeping your skin protected is easy with the amount of products on the market. These are just a few of my favorite 2023 best sunscreen products. Having fair skin doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sun, but you shouldn’t leave your house without SPF 30. 

Looking for more of the 2023 best sunscreen products?

Happy Summer! 

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