Three Things to See at Joshua Tree National Park for a Quick Day Trip

What to see in Joshua Tree- 3 things not to miss

Temperatures are scorching today. The air is suffocating as the sun beats down on my shoulders but there isn’t a drop of sweat on my body. Dry heat they say.

Today I am going to Joshua Tree for the day. I knew it would be hot, but I wanted to see the park anyway.

I grab a panni sandwich from a local gas station, before making our way into the park. Today is not the day for fine dining.

In hindsight- going to the desert on a sweltering day is not recommended, but today is the only free day of my trip I can see one of the most iconic national parks in the United States. 

If you are wondering where Joshua Tree gets its name, the trees I see on the drive-in are all Joshua Trees. They are one of a kind and typically only grow in this area.

There are thousands of them- each more uniquely shaped than the last. My family finds a good one to pose by to snap a photo.I plan to see these three significant spots before getting out of the100-degreee dry heat.

Keys View 

Keys view is at the top of the mountain and overlooks the sandy-colored valley below. The park stretches for miles, and you can look as far as the eye can see. Keys View is the spot for mountain-peak views. The wind feels incredible and makes the air feel less stuffy.

Keys Views (Shop my dress)

Skull Rock 

Skull rock is an interesting rock formation that looks just like a skull and is a must-see at Joshua Tree. It reminds me of something I saw in the Peter Pan movie as a kid. People are climbing on the rocks- nature’s jungle gym.

what to see in Joshua Tree California
Joshua Tree California

Cholla Cactus Garden

If you thought Arizona had some attractive cacti, wait until you see Joshua Tree. We walk along the path a short as the sun shines down on my shoulders. The cactus are short but they feel like they go on for miles.

My day trip to Joshua Tree was a whirlwind, moving quickly from each spot to avoid the heat. Its dangerous to be out in the desert on a day like today. There isn’t any cell service in the park. If one of us got stranded- chances of survival would be slim. I wish we could have enjoyed the park a little bit more, but maybe it won’t be so hot next time we go. 

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