What is the Delta Sky Club & Is it Worth it?

What are Airport Lounges

I am flying back with my uncle from California. The rest of my family had earlier flights, so my boyfriend Kerwin and I go with my uncle to drop off the rental car and check into our flights. I don’t fly with my Uncle Steve often, but I love it when it happens because that means I get access to the Delta Sky Club. The Delta Sky Club is a private lounge area that is membership-based. Instead of the crowded area near the gate where there is no seating and no outlets, we get buffets, cozy couches, unlimited alcohol, and more. This was my experience with the Delta Sky Club.

After security, we don’t walk far before taking a right, and there the sign for the sky club is. Steve says that it isn’t always in a convenient location, but today we didn’t walk far. Walking into the well-decorated room, there are couches, tables,and chairs for people to cozy up in while waiting for their flight. There are always private noise canceling call mini call rooms you could use in case you had a meeting or needing privacy while on the phone.

We find a table near large windows and sit down. Steve says don’t worry about leaving your stuff here, no one will take it. Everyone is screened before coming into the Sky Club, so it’s unlikely there will be any suspicious activity. After setting our stuff down, I find the nearest bathroom. When I walk it, the only thing it looks like is the locker room of a gym Hailey Beiber goes to. It was nice. The best part is that there are no cracks in the bathroom stall, and the doors go all the way to the floor- complete privacy.

Next, I do some exploring to find out where the showers are.

When I walk into the Delta Sky Club, I realize what I have been missing on all my airport adventures….luxury. All the times I have napped on the floor and eaten less than tasty airport food were vastly different than my experience at the Delta Sky Club. They offer a food buffet, including a mac and cheese bar and gelato station. Not to mention, the drinks were divine. Additionally, if you need to shower, they have rooms with private showers you can clean up in. Airport lounges are the best way to travel in comfort.

Here are the five benefits of traveling with the Delta Sky Club. 

1.) Unlimited Food & Alcohol

 Airport food is overpriced and never tastes good. The Delta Sky Club has limitless options for food and drinks. Whether you want a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or a full meal, they have plenty of options. I especially loved the Starbucks Coffee, Gelato, and grilled chicken they offered. Just as I left, they also set out a Mac and cheese bar. You won’t be hungry coming from the Sky Club. 

2.) Clean showers to wash up in

 The first thing I do home from the airport is showering. Airports aren’t the cleanest. If you are hopping off the plane and won’t have time to shower, the clean showers and bathrooms are so lovely to stay refreshed. 

3.) Call rooms for private conversations

 When I talk on the phone at the gate, I always feel like people are listening in on my conversations- whether they mean to or not. The seats are close together, and there isn’t much privacy. The call rooms allow me to speak freely and privately without disturbing the people around me. 

4.) Lounge area to relax in

Let’s face it: the seats at the gate aren’t comfortable. The lounge offers couches and chairs for people to unwind before a flight. 

5.) I leave my bag unattended when traveling alone

When I travel alone, I hate bringing my carry-on into the bathroom. There is a lot of security in the Delta Sky Clubs, and I feel comfortable leaving my bag unattended. 

How to get a Delta Sky Club Membership

If you want to experience a taste of luxury without the usual discomfort of traveling, spend an afternoon at the Delta Sky Club. Although everything is free once you get inside, a membership isn’t. Unfortunately, Delta has made it extremely difficult to gain access to the Delta Sky Club since January 2021. The annual executive member fee used to be $700 and has since jumped to nearly $1500. With that, you might have to jump through hoops and hurdles even to be able to buy a membership. Nevertheless, there are a few ways it is still possible to access the Delta Sky Club.

Earn Delta Medallion Status & Pay a Fee

An easy way to get into the Delta Sky Club is by paying the annual fee. There are separate tiers when purchasing your Delta Sky Club Membership: Executive Membership and Individual Membership. Over the last few years, there have been a couple of changes to the policy that make purchasing a membership more challenging. As of January 2023, only Medallion Members can purchase a membership. If you are not a Medallion Member of Delta, you can gain access to the club through the credit card benefits or by buying a day pass. Three levels of Medallion status memberships are Gold, Platinum, and Silver.

Executive Membership: One-Year Rate: $1,495.00 or 149,500 miles.
Individual Membership: One-Year Rate: $695.00 or 69,500 miles.

The Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card

Another way to get into the Delta Sky Club is having a Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card. While the Deklta Sky Club used to accept Delta SkyMiles Platinum Business American Express Card​ , they only accept the Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card. (The purple card rather than the silver).

Other benefits come with having the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card too. It will save you 15% when booking a Delta flight, and you can bring a guest into the sky club with you.

Annual Fee $550
Sign-up bonus 60,000 miles on spending $6,000 within five months
Earning rate 3 miles per dollar spent on Delta, 1 mile on all other purchases
Benefits Annual Sky Club membership (changes 1st January 2025), one free checked bag, 15% discount on award tickets, one companion certificate, and Complimentary Upgrades after Medallion status holders
Bonuses1 MQD per $10 spent (effective 1st January 2024), $100 PreCheck/Global Entry/NEXUS credit every four years

Apply for Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card.

The Delta Sky Club is a game changer for the comfortability of a flight journey. Gaining access to the Sky Club has become more complex over the last few years, but it offers an upgraded travel method. If you are a frequent flyer, finding a way to access the Delta Sky Club is a great option, but keep in mind with these new changes, it might be more complicated than you first thought.

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