Is the London-House Rooftop Worth a 2-Month Waiting List

You can miss it. London House is located just off of Wacker Drive and has some of the most iconic views in the city. Since I moved to Chicago, London House has been on my bucket list. Now that it’s summer in Chicago and rooftop season has arrived, I wanted to make a reservation at London House and finally see those views in person. 

I visit the London House website. 

Two months. 

The next available reservation at London House Rooftop is on a Tuesday, nearly two months from now. I could only book dates two months in advance, and only a few times left to choose from. 

I am still determining what I will be doing two months from now, but I booked the reservation. 

The summer goes by, and I need to remember about booking the London House dinner until a notification pings my inbox. 

Today is the day. After work my boyfriend and I will enjoy a dinner reservation at the London House rooftop. Of course, I couldn’t plan for this two months in advance, but today is hot. It was boiling for Chicago, but we wanted to ensure we got this reservation for everything. 

What to Wear to London House 

I change from my work clothes, and we head out the door. The dress code for London House is smart casual, so I wear a white sundress from Abrocombie and my boyfriend Kerwin wears a polo. The reservation is an early dinner, and the Chicago businessmen and women are still in suits. At least someone is sweating more than I am in this heat. 

Where is London House 

We arrive at London House; it’s at the corner of Michigan and Wacker Drive just north of the Magnificent Mile. Once inside, we take a sharp left to the elevators. The bar is at the top of twenty-two floors. 

Does London House accept walk-ins? 

We pile into the elevator with other people on their way to the bar. While checking in, I realized that the couple in front of us doesn’t have a reservation. The London House accepts walk-ins. You don’t have to wait for the bar, but you do have to wait for a table. At the same time, we could walk to our table. The couple grabbed drinks at the bar and put their names in for table availability. 

The Views 

The stunning views are the primary reason the London House Rooftop was on my bucket list. You can see the bridges that cross the Chicago River, the famous Wrigley Building Clock, and Trump Tower. This rooftop has some of the best views of the Michigan River I have ever seen. 

What to order 

The classic cocktails at London House Rooftop Bar are a must-try, but first, I start with a glass of prosecco to celebrate. The rooftop at London House is known as a bar, but the food differs from what people come for. You can grab dinner, but the dinner menu has a limited amount of variety. We ordered the chicken kabobs to share to pair with the drinks. After seeing the food menu, we decided to grab Portillos on the way home. 

London House Rooftop Bar 

The bar doesn’t have seating. If you are okay with standing, grabbing a drink at the bar is the best way to enjoy the rooftop without the two-month wait. 

Time Limit to the Table 

We only have the table for an hour and a half. If you make a reservation, you get an extra half hour to your table. We took longer because they were slow at getting our food. 

Overall, the London House isn’t worth a two-month waiting list for a table when you can sneak a peak at the views from the bar. Cut me some slack, I am not originally from Chicago and am still exploring the city. Now, I can check London House off my bucket list as one of my favorite evenings in Chicago this summer- even if it wasn’t worth the long wait. 

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