Flying During Covid-19. What to Wear & How to Prepare.

Traveling during a global pandemic is terrifying, especially when it comes to flying.  The usual excitement I get when I arrive to the airport is gone. Replaced by is worry and fear. My decision to travel might spark controversy, but believe me I took precautions. When flying during Covid I avoided touching anything and peopleContinue reading “Flying During Covid-19. What to Wear & How to Prepare.”

Things Every First-Time Flyer Should Know but Doesn’t

As a first-time flyer there are some things you should know. Here are my first-time flyer tips to help you take-off on your next adventure with ease. You can only have liquids in 3oz or smaller containers in your carry on Every time I go through security I see the one misinformed flyer having toContinue reading “Things Every First-Time Flyer Should Know but Doesn’t”

Game-Changing Hacks for Airport Travel

On the first flight the flight attendant’s name was Princess. That was in the third grade and ever since then flying has made me feel like royalty. Over the years, however, I have come to realize that not everyone has a lot of experience flying. I have been with several friends on their first flight,Continue reading “Game-Changing Hacks for Airport Travel”

Keys to Finding the Cheapest Flight you Never Knew About

Finding cheap flights when on a budget is a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. Money is often a huge hindrance for those desiring to travel. However, there are many ways to discover when and where to buy the cheapest airline tickets at a price tag that fits into your travel budget. Read theseContinue reading “Keys to Finding the Cheapest Flight you Never Knew About”

What Catching A Red-Eye Flight Is Really Like

It’s not the airline’s fault, but catching a red-eye international flight is nothing glamorous.

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