Flying During Covid-19. What to Wear & How to Prepare.


Traveling during a global pandemic is terrifying, especially when it comes to flying.  The usual excitement I get when I arrive to the airport is gone. Replaced by is worry and fear. My decision to travel might spark controversy, but believe me I took precautions. When flying during Covid I avoided touching anything and people like the plague.


You are most protected on the airplane

The biggest concern when flying during Covid is not the flight itself. Contrary to what you might think, the airplane is actually one of the safest places you could be while traveling. This is because of how the air circulated on an airplane, it makes the spreading of germs difficult. However, social distancing is much harder on the plane so be sure to stay seated until the people in the seat before you have left.

The airport is what you should be more concerned about. Stay as far away from large crowds as you can. Try not to use the bathroom or touch any surfaces nearby unless you absolutely have to. The key is staying vigilant and constantly reminding yourself to not touch anything or get close to others.

Cover head to toe & wash clothes upon arrival

I wore sweatpants and a sweatshirt with the hood up. The only part of my body that was exposed is my hands. Once off the airplane I changed in the car and put my airport clothes in a trash bag until I could get home and wash them.

N95 Face Mask

Bandanas and face scarves are not as effective as masks. The N95 is the bad boy of face masks. It pitches at the nose and feels tight and secure on my face. Technically, you have to be fitted for a medical mask in order for it to be most effective. However, I wore one just to be a little more protective than my regular mask.


Face Shield & Eyeglasses

Some doctors argue that you can contract Covid-19 through the eyes, and I was taking no chances. I don’t wear glasses, but I do have blue light glasses. I wore blue light glasses and a face shield for extra protection.

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes at the ready

I keep hand sanitizer in my pocket and every time I touched anything I sanitized. Not every airline will give you a wet wipe to clean your airline seat, so I have one at the ready if they don’t. Wipe down the arm rests, seat, and tray table.

Long sleeve hoodie to protect head from airplane seat (don’t wear anything underneath and they won’t make you take it off)

The airline made me take off my sweatshirt in order to get through security. It defeated the purpose of being covered from head to toe since I have to take it off a security. To solve this problem I didn’t wear anything underneath my sweatshirt, so next time they didn’t make me take it off and I felt protected.

No flip flops (socks please)

Airport security requires flyers to take off their shoes. You do not want your bare feet to tough the airport floor, but you would be surprised at how many passengers I saw wearing flip flops.

Get tested afterwards

I won’t lie to you the coronavirus test is very uncomfortable, but once I received a notice that I tested negative I felt so relieved. Since I was traveling to another location afterwards I could comfortably tell people that I didn’t have it.

I looked ridiculous. Walking around the airport in a makeshift hazmat suit I got some looks, but that is the least I could do. I still don’t recommend or encourage anyone to travel right now, but when flying during Covid I did everything I could to stay safe and you should too.

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