Flying During Covid-19. What to Wear & How to Prepare.

Traveling during a global pandemic is terrifying, especially when it comes to flying.  The usual excitement I get when I arrive to the airport is gone. Replaced by is worry and fear. My decision to travel might spark controversy, but believe me I took precautions. When flying during Covid I avoided touching anything and peopleContinue reading “Flying During Covid-19. What to Wear & How to Prepare.”

How to Safely Travel During COVID

It is recommended by the government to stay at home as much as possible, but if you must travel be sure to practice these techniques to protect yourself from the virus. Taking precautions during COVID-19 travel will help you and those around you stay safe.  Wash your hands While I am sure you wash yourContinue reading “How to Safely Travel During COVID”

How to Travel Without Leaving your Couch

The Coronavirus put all travel plans on hold for the time being. Schools shut down, trips canceled, and stores are closing. While everyone is still wrapping their heads around the situation at hand, companies have been at work to provide those who are at home with little to do virtual tours, concerts, and keep spiritsContinue reading “How to Travel Without Leaving your Couch”

Binge-Worthy Travel & Nature Shows on Netflix

While cooped up quarantining at my parent’s home in North Carolina I have had more free time than usual. What better way to kill some time than vegging in front of the TV? When it comes to TV shows I am a documentary and reality TV guru. I can’t tell you how many times IContinue reading “Binge-Worthy Travel & Nature Shows on Netflix”

Learning the Ropes- 20 Tips for Beginner Climbers

If you had told me a couple years ago I would take up rock climbing as a hobby I wouldn’t have believed you. It wasn’t that long ago I climbed outside for the first time. Here are some of my climbing tips for beginners. 

Traveling as a Female is Not as Dangerous as the Movies Make You Believe

When I told people I was traveling internationally you would not believe the amount of Liam Neeson Taken references I heard. It is an excellent movie, but inaccurate to what going abroad is really like.SPOILER ALERT. If you haven’t seen the movie it is about a young woman who goes abroad only to be abducted. ThankfullyContinue reading “Traveling as a Female is Not as Dangerous as the Movies Make You Believe”

10 Things I Thought I Would Have To Give Up To Travel Abroad But Didn’t

For the first time in my life, I decided to travel abroad to Italy for a program my school offers lasting three months. Before I left there were several things I worried that I was leaving behind. This is the longest I have ever been away from home and my first time in Europe. IContinue reading “10 Things I Thought I Would Have To Give Up To Travel Abroad But Didn’t”

What Catching A Red-Eye Flight Is Really Like

It’s not the airline’s fault, but catching a red-eye international flight is nothing glamorous.

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