Money Saving Tips for Affording your Dream Trip

Aruba- money saving tips for travel

Money is the number one reason why people don’t travel. Going on your dream trip can be expensive, but if you practice money-saving tips for travel now you will be able to splurge by the time your trip comes around. You don’t have to be wealthy to see the world, but you do have to be savvy. Read these money-saving habits to practice before your next vacation.

1.) Home-brew

Purchasing coffee on the go is an easy way to waste money. You can quickly spend hundreds of dollars each money if you purchase a $5 cappuccino each morning. Brewing coffee will save you money each month. You can purchase a  coffee maker for the same price of purchasing a cappuccino every day for a week.

2.) Make a grocery list and stick to it

Make a list of exactly what you need to buy at the grocery store and stick with it. You don’t need to buy every tantalizing new organic fruit juice that pops out at you. Buy what you need and spend little on foods that offer no nutritional value to your diet.

3.) Keep pampering to a minimum

Going to a beauty salon weekly will slowly burn a hole in your wallet. While each visit might not be too expensive, over time it adds up. Weekly grooming expensive can end up wasting a lot of money at the end of the year. I met a guy once who spent $10 a week getting his beard trimmed. Over a year that is $520, he could have saved by trimming his beard himself. That money could have been put towards a plane ticket.

4.) No name brand food items

Off-brand, foods taste almost identical to the real deal at a fraction of the cost. They might even have the same ingredients in them, but the name brand is $3 more expensive.

5.) Make your Chipotle bowl at home

Making some of your favorites restaurant dishes at home is an easy way to save some cash and not miss out on the foods you like the most. For example, make a Chipotle bowl at home by using brown rice, corn, meat, and whatever toppings you want. The money you spend on one Chipotle bowl in-store can be used to make a whole week’s worth of Chipotle bowls if you make them at home.

6.) Don’t say yes to every activity

You don’t always have to say yes to outings with friends. Choose a couple of activities a month and don’t go over. As tempting as mini-golf is if it doesn’t fit into the budget just tell your friends you will hang out another time.

7.) Limit alcohol

Cutting out alcohol is a quick way to save money. When eating out alcohol can cost as much as the meal itself. If you can’t say goodbye to alcohol completely limit your intake each money and watch how much money it can save you.

8.) Watch movies on Netflix, not in theaters

With the over-abundance of movies available on the internet, it seems silly to go see a new movie in the theatre. You can see a new movie or show every night with a Netflix subscription. A monthly subscription of Netflix is almost the same price as one movie ticket stub.

9.) Walk, bike, or carpool

Only drive when you have to. The environment and your wallet will thank you. If you must commute to work see if there is anyone else in your area that would be willing to carpool a couple of times a week.

10.) Purchase needs over wants

When saving money it is important to think about purchasing things you need over things you want. This isn’t to say you can’t purchase anything you want, but to limit the number of wants you purchase for a time because you are saving up for something else. This isn’t the time to go buy a whole new wardrobe or pursue whatever hobby you do in your free time. This is the time to scrimp and save until you have enough to go where you want to go.

11.) Pick up extra work

Working more will of course help you make more money. If your schedule allows for more work pick up weekend work. It could be referring a kids soccer game or bartending night shifts. Putting a little extra work in now will pay off when you can afford your next trip.

These are my daily habits for practicing money-saving tips for travel. Hope you find them helping while saving up for your next adventure.

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