Simple Skincare Tips & Products for Travel

Tt’s easy to remember our nightly eye creams and moisturizers at home. Yet, as soon as we leave the house our usual routines go out the window. Odds are, you beauty routine is simplified when on the go, but don’t worry. Skincare tips and products for travel help keep your skin fresh and glowing.

1.) Bring a tube of deep cleaning face masks

A new environments can make your skin dull and prone to breakouts. If you travel from a dry cold environment to a warm and humid environment your skin is likely to compensate by producing more oil, which can lead to breakouts. Keep your skin clear by doing a deep clarifying mask.

Mary Kay Clay Mask- Skincare tips and products for travel

2.) Tweezers

Getting salon tweezed eyebrows isn’t always an option while traveling. To keep that unibrow at bay you can tweeze a few of those hairs yourself. These mini tweezers from Amazon do the job just right.

tweezerman- skincare tips for travel

3.)Only bring the basics

As tempting as it is, bringing the entire contents of your makeup bag isn’t feasible for a travel expedition. A key trick to cutting down the bulk of your bag is to bring products that are dual purpose. Instead of bringing lipstick and chapstick bring a tinted lip moisturizer that acts as both.

4.) Don’t forget the sunscreen

Even if it is cloudy outside wearing sunscreen is important for maintaining healthy skin. An easy way to wear sunscreen each day is to have it in your tinted moisturizer. Mary Kay’s cc cream  provides light coverage with SPF 15.

Mary Kay cc cream

5.) Be sure not to pack products over 3fl oz  in your carry-on

It is a sad moment when TSA throws out a beauty product because it didn’t meet liquid guidelines. An easy hack for bringing products that are packaged too large is  transferring them to carry-on approved liquid containers. You can purchase these containers at stores such as Walmart, Target, or Amazon.

Amazon liquid containers

6.) Exfoliating scrubs

Airports can be a hub for germs and bacteria. After a day of traveling exfoliate the dirt away with a scrub. Don’t just use body scrubs on your face you can use then on your whole body.  This exfoliating scrub is light and fruity, a perfect product for summer.

Pro tip: don’t over-exfoliate your skin. It will cause your skin to dry out and start producing more oil and potentially break out more.

7.) Don’t use something new

Now is not the time to try something new. When traveling your body is exposed to a new atmosphere with unfamiliar bacteria and toxins. With all of the new things your body is experiencing it is important to keep your beauty routine consistent.

8.) Vitamins

Vitamins are important for filling in the gaps you might be lacking from nutrition. Vitamin deficiencies can cause the skin to look dull and can sometimes cause breakouts. While traveling you will be eating new foods that may not have the same nutrients as you regularly consume. By eating a few vitamins you will ensure that those nutritional gaps are filled and it will keep your skin looking healthy.

Love Beauty and Planet- hair & nails dietary supplement


9.) Give that dull skin a refresher

Using hydrating mousier at night from Glossier is one of the best skincare tips and products for travel. Traveling to new environments can make your skin dull. Keep it glowing by applying a refreshing face mask.

10.) Stop a breakout in its tracks

Place the Mighty Patch on a blemish and watch the size and redness reduced overnight. It is spot treatment you place over a breakout instead of squeezing it and causing further damage.

Might Patch for acne

11.) Nourishing eye cream is jet lags saving grace

Eye cream typically comes in a small container and is easy to pack. When traveling your sleep schedule is probably off and you may be a little more tired than usual. An eye cream can keep your eyes nourished and not looking puffy.

Sephora Brightening Eye Cream

12.) Foot Repair

While walking is great to keep your heart healthy, it does a number on your feet. The flip flop foot repair keeps calluses at bay and your feet moisturized. At night rub it on your the heels of your feet and put a pair of fluffy socks on. You will wake up with soft feet.

Flip Flop Foot Repair- Mango Coconut

13.) Leave the brushes behind

Ditch the brushes and simply apply your makeup with your finger. It will save space in your suitcase and time from having to clean your brushes.

14.) Natural mini deodorant

Putting healthy and safe ingredients on your skin is important to prevent breakouts and keep your skin glowering. They are free of aluminum, parabens, and sulfates. If you don’t believe it Native shows all of the ingredients on their website.

Native Deodorant- natural deodorant

15.) Oil absorbing sheets

Oil absorbing sheets will keep your skin from looking too shiny or sweaty without taking any of your makeup off.

Pro-tip toilet seat covers are made out of the same material.In a case of emergency take a few seat covers for blotting sheets if you run out of these.

Oil absorbing sheets

Traveling takes a toll on your skin, but it doesn’t have to be detrimental. Use these skincare tips and products for travel and stay glowing wherever you go.



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