Tampa’s 10th Annual Vegan Festival is Plant-Based Paradise


IMG_8725.jpgA vegan diet is increasingly popular for many American citizens looking for a change in the way they consume food. For those new to the term, a vegan diet consists primarily of plants. This plant-based died excludes eggs, dairy, and meat. While this diet may seem odd to some, vegans annually gather together for a large even called Veg Fest, a vegan festival in Tampa, Florida.

At this festival, there are various speakers, tasty food and beverage vendors, and live music entertain attendees. Even if you are an avid meat-eater rest assured you will find these healthy food choices tasty.


Talented Bands/ Musicians

All-day there are seven bands/musicians that entertained the crowds of the festival. Two of which included We Are Fam and Tampa Bay Accapella. The bands kept the crowd enthusiasms high. Additionally, there are tables set up in front of the state, so you could grab your grub and sit down to enjoy live music. FAM and Weird and Wonderful acapella group are two bands to participate in the festival.

FAM Band Performing at Veg Fest 2019
FAM Band Performing at Veg Fest 2019

Knowledgeable and Engaging Speakers and Vendors

During the day you could hear speakers present ideas about the impact of veganism. If you aren’t vegan before coming to this festival you will want to be afterward.

Eating vegan goes beyond a healthy diet. Tom Bird, a long-time vegan, and philosopher said, “My concern is the welfare of animals. People are either apathetic or think there isn’t much they can do, but we all have a responsibility to do something small”. Other attendees felt the same way. Eating healthy is only a small part of why many of these plant-eaters completely changed their diet.

speaker at Tampa Bay Veg Fest

Yoga all day long

If you wanted to take a break and get in touch with your zen, yoga is offered throughout the day in one of the tents.

yoga at veg fest 2019

Cooking demonstrations

If you are not sure how to make simple delicious vegan meals at home, not to worry. The live cooking shows provide easy yet scrumptious vegan meals for you to make at home. Nathan Bohn, the executive chef at The Cider Press Café, takes attendees through a demonstration of how to make vegan chili.

vegan chili food demonstration
Nathan Bohn

Home brewed kombucha

Kombucha is a new health trend of 2019, so it is no surprise that it makes an appearance at Veg Fest 2019. For those of you who don’t know kombucha is a drink made from tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. It tastes slightly vinegary and helps with digestion. If this doesn’t sound appealing, give it a try first. I tried to lavender mojito flavor that had a vibrant minty after taste at Mother Kombucha. Another kombucha at the festival that has its own homebrew is 221 BC Florida Kombucha.  Try sparkling berry hibiscus flavor it is sparkling and refreshing.


Top Vegan Food to Try

The vegan festival in Tampa, Florida booked several plant-based vendors with mouth-watering delicious food.

vegan festival tampa florida- vegan nachosvegan festival vendors

Pura Vida Food Truck

Nachos are one of those beloved foods that vegans had to leave behind, until today. Vegan nachos at skid are made with walnut cheese, guacamole, mock ground beef, and salty tortilla chips. It is a vegan twist on an American classic.

Sweet Elizabeth’s Organic

This shop takes the cake. The whoopees are so delicious you won’t taste that they are vegan and made with organic ingredients. Try the chocolate one, you won’t regret.

Nah Dogs 

Looking for an alternative or the American classic hot dog and beer, check out Nah Dogs.

Loving Hut 

The Loving Hut has a wide variety of vegan options such as wraps, salads, and sandwiches.

Cafe Hey 

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on one of the tastiest fall dishes. Vegan mac and cheese can be purchased at Cafe Hey.

Farmacy- Vegan Kitchen and Bakery 

This restaurant is an all-vegan restaurant and catering business. Some of the fan-favorites at Farmacy are Philly-cheesesteak sandwiches and all vegan impossible burgers.

Raw Juice Orlando

Smoothies are a refreshing option with all-natural ingredients for a hot day in Florida. Try the ‘wish I was in Hawaii’. It contains orange, pineapple, banana, and dates.

Free samples

Vegan food is everywhere on the market today, and Veg Fest wants you to know it. Brands like Tofurky and Amy’s make an appearance at the free sample table. I tried mock sausage, ham, and a chocolate chip cookie. All equally satisfying.

Additionally, booths and vendors will allow you to sample their product. Fresh Oats handed out mock tuna salad with chickpeas and fresh dill for attendees of the festival to sample.

vegan festival tampa floridafree samples - veg fest

Organic and vegan products

Being vegan doesn’t simply revolve around diet. In fact, there are hundreds of brands and products around vegan skincare, beauty, and toiletries. Organic and vegan products made with organic ingredients are better for you and the environment. Betty’s Naturals and Winter Park Soap Company are a few of the brands that made an appearance at Veg Fest 2019.

Pet friendly

This festival is pet-friendly. Be on the lookout for the vendors offering all vegan dog treats for your pup to enjoy. Check out these adorable dogs who attended the fest.

IMG_8737.jpgvegan festival tampa florida- pet friendly vegan festival tampa florida

From the hundreds of attendees and venders, I can say the vegan festival in Tampa, Florida, was a hit. If you didn’t get a change to go this year, be on the lookout for next year’s festival.

Reasons to consider being vegan

  1. Plant based food production is a more efficient way to utilize our resources (food production is 20-30% of where carbon emissions come from)
  3. Healthy diet leads to more energy, weight loss, weight management
  4. Helps cut down the greenhouse emissions produced
  5. Your body simply doesn’t need meat or dairy
  6. Virtually no cholesterol problems
  7. Not eating meat helps prevents fatal conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions
  8. You wouldn’t eat your dog?

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