Tips for Skiing in Freezing Temperatures

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I am not Elsa……the cold bothers me. Skiing is one of my favorite activities in the winter. I go as often as I can. Usually about once a year. This year, in particular, I encountered some pretty cold temperatures on the slopes. I am talking 6-degree weather with wind chill in the negatives.  It is difficult to have a good time skiing when my body is so cold I can no longer feel my hands and feet. There are ways to be prepared for cold weather while skiing. Here are some of my tips below.

Cover your Entire Face and Head

The wind is pretty hard on my face as I am speeding down the mountain. Without a face covering my face turned red and it was really uncomfortable. I wore a hat, a scarf around my neck and face, and ear warmers underneath my hat.

Wear Several Wool Socks

Some of the people I went skiing with thought I was crazy for wearing three pairs of socks, but wearing these socks is the greatest decision I made. Wool socks are the best kind for keeping in the warmth.

Drink Plenty of Water Before Going Out

It sounds simple, but I suggest drinking plenty of water before you hit the slopes. I got really dehydrated, but the last thing I wanted to do was drink cold water. After I got a headache I forced myself to drink tons of water.

Hand and Feet Warmers are Essential

My hands and toes are always cold. The first night I went skiing I couldn’t feel my toes. An hour after I had to take a break and go warm up my toesies. The next day I used felt and hand warmers and it helped with the cold immensely.

Purchase Fog Free Goggles

Wearing goggles help protect my eyes and face from the wind. Without goggles, my eyes water like crazy. Some goggles fog up, making visibility difficult while on the slopes. The folks I went with having goggles that fogged up, I was lucky to have mine. It was a pain to have to worry about being able to see while flying down some steep slopes.

Take Warm Breaks Indoors

Sometimes warming up inside with a cup of coffee is all I need before I can get back to shredding. When it gets crazy cold my body just needs to reset every couple of hours. I was worried that the cold would have sent my body packing for the rest of the evening, but once my fingers and toes regained feeling I was just fine.

Waterproof/ Water Resistant Clothing

I fell many times while skiing down the slopes. Wearing waterproof clothing is a great way to avoid getting wet snow all over me. Without the selective choice of clothing, I wore my booty be frozen off.

Multiple Layers

I wore six layers on top and three layers on the bottom. I felt like the Michelin tire man with all the layers. It was hard to walk around, but I would have frozen my butt off without them. My hands get colder than anywhere else on my body. Unfortunately, my hands are also the most exposed. Put as many layers on your hands as you can.

Hope this was helpful!



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