Quick Summer Guide to Charleston, SC

Charleston is a hot travel destination of 2019. The cuisine, historic tours, and beautiful old homes make Charleston an ideal place for a romantic getaway. Don’t let the summer heat get to you, Charleston is an amazing place to visit in the summertime. Here is quick guide to the perfect weekend getaway.

Spring Hiking with Wild Ponies in Grayson Highlands, VA

The warm pink of the sunset over the mountains reminds me of lemonade and wild memories of summertime.

8 Gorgeous Beaches To Visit In Aruba

You really can’t go wrong visiting one of the many beaches in Aruba. As a small island you can easily get from one beach to another, so why not enjoy all of Aruba’s beaches. 1.) Mangel Halto Immediately, I see the teal waters and smell fresh fish. The mangroves canopy the beaches edge with shallowContinue reading “8 Gorgeous Beaches To Visit In Aruba”

Why The Small Medieval Town Of Orvieto Is A Hidden Gem Of Italy

A total of three days in Orvieto is enough to make me want to come back. Many aspects of the ancient town make it an iconic small town in Italy you will definitely want to add to your Italy itinerary. 

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