10 Things to Bring For an Overnight Backpacking Trip on the Appalachian Trail

I went on my first overnight backpacking trip about a month ago. There were things that I would never have thought to bring that were essential to the trip. Here is are some must-haves that is will make any backpacking trip a success.

1.) Hiking Shoes

I made the mistake of wearing tennis shoes. Which were not so bad, but when I came back I needed to throw them away they were so worn. Just make sure you have time to break in your hiking shoes before you go hiking or they will rub and cause blisters on the trail.

REI Hiking Boots

2.) Snacks are a must

When walking such distances snacks are essential. Clif bars are my favorite snack to bring.

Clif Bars

3.) Toilet Paper 

Peeing in the woods is hard enough. You want it to be a somewhat enjoyable experience so toilet paper is a must. Just be sure to dig a hole and bury it.

camping toilet paper

4.) Always Pack in Layers

Chances are you will probably need less clothing than you will bring unless it is cold. Which is why I always suggest the layering method. Maybe start off by wearing a flannel then as the temperature warms take it off. Also, cotton clothing and materials are always better.

5.) Germ X

I didn’t even think about hand sanitizer but I am sure glad someone else did. It can in handy to still have sanitation while roughing it in the woods.

6.) Wool/ thick Socks

There is a lot of pressure of my feet and ankles while hiking, so having sturdy socks helps tremendously with the pain and the blisters.

wool socks

7.) Gravity or Pump Water Filter

While hiking on the Appalachian Trail there are no water pumps only water springs. The spring water is full of bacteria, so it was especially important that we brought the filter.

REI Water Filter

8.) Nalgene (or another water bottle)

Nalgene’s are by far my favorite water bottle. They hold 32 oz of water which always helps me stay hydrated during the day.

 Nalgene Water Bottles 

9.) Sweatpants 

I did not think that I would need sweatpants because they are not the best material for hiking. However, after we made camp I defiantly wished I had my sweatpants to throw on over my hiking pants.

10.) Camera 

I brought my Canon camera. I hate going anywhere without it. Though if you are backpacking for longer than a few days it is probably not advisable to bring. Yet, for an overnight night, it is perfect.

Canon Camera



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