Every Nicholas Sparks Fan Will Love Roaming Southport, NC

When the movie ‘Safe Haven’ hit theaters I immediately was in love. Short after I saw the movie I went out and bought the famous Nicholas Sparks books so I could read the full story.

Southport houses the romantic setting of this epic tale. Locals fishing off the pier, historical homes set facing the sea, and fantastic grub made my arrival to this place include immediate relaxation. It might have helped that the day I arrived it was absolutely gorgeous outside. A little hot, but with the sea breeze on my face, the weather is perfect.


Local eateries are one thing you don’t want to miss when in Southport. Seafood restaurants are common. Considering how close it is to the sea you know the fish is fresh. However, as a vegan, I had a tad bit more trouble finding a sweet spot. We ended up accidentally going to the restaurant where they had their first date. After gobbling down a black bean burger and a salad I was ready to walk around Southport.

Strolling around the hot and humid streets I found several interesting shops that sold locally made jewelry or soap.  I love buying organic bar soaps. They are easy to travel with and usually are a lot better for my skin.

The whole town in its entirety is cute. The houses look just like I saw in the movie.

After the short visit to Southport, I took the ferry to Wilmington. Taking the ferry ride is more time consuming than simply driving to Wilmington. With an hour wait and a thirty-minute ferry ride, it would have been much easier to drive. However, I recommend taking the ferry at least once when you are in the area. You can just drive your car right on the boat. Hop on out and relax on the short boat ride. While it is not an efficient way to commute regularly, it is worth the wait to try at least once.

Enjoy Southport while the weather is still warm. Take a swim in the ocean, and of course, watch ‘Safe Haven’ on repeat before you go.



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