21 Best Instagramable Locations in Washington D.C.

If you are in search of the best instagramable locations in D.C. look no further. As a travel photographer I spent the whole summer on a journey to find the best places to take pictures in D.C., and here is what I found. 

1.) Union Station

Union Station is a great place to grab a quick bite, set off to another city, or have a photoshoot. Don’t believe me? Just take one look at the gold high ceilings in the Union Station and you will whipping your camera out for a few shots. 


2.) The Blind Whino

The Blind Whino is an old church turned into a work of art. The old church is now an event venue and a place for art exhibitions. Whenever I was visiting the Blind Whino Mastercard had an event there around a week prior. The building is unique, but the exterior of the Blind Whino is different from anything you have ever seen.


3.) The Lincoln Memorial

Take a selfie with Abe. I am sure he won’t mind. Or captivate your Instagram followers by photographing the stunning architecture of the Lincoln Memorial. Either way the Lincoln Memorial is a fan-favorite for pictures.


4.) The National Gallery of Art

World renown paintings and sculptures are housed in the National Gallery of art. How could you not take pretty pictures? Find a room without a lot of foot traffic and snag a couple of pictures in front of your favorite painting.


5.) The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is a gorgeous glimpse of beaux-arts architecture style. As you walk in look up at the colorful paintings and design of the room. The stairway is the perfect place for a picture.


6.) The Smithsonian Castle

The Smithsonian Castle looks like a dreamy European escape. Which is why it is one of my favorite best instagramable locations in D.C.

Smithsonian Museums in D.C.

7.) Constitution Ave and 7th St.

This is the spot. If you are looking for an excellent picture in front of the capital this is a a great location to capture it, which is why it made it on my best instagramable places in D.C. list. It is directly beside the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art.

best photos in Washington D.C.

8.) Newseum 6th floor rooftop

On the top floor, the Newseum has a balcony with perfect views overlooking the capital.

Shoutout to the girl from Michigan who took this photo for me. Everyone always asks me how I get pictures of myself while sightseeing solo, and here it is. Usually, it involves me trying to make new friends and awkwardly posing in front of strangers.

Best instagramable locations in D.C.

9.) The front steps of the National Archives

The National Archives on the Fourth of July is monumental.   The National Archives houses some of the most important documents in America. The Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are on display in the archives.

What makes this a great spot for a photo, however, isn’t on the inside. It is the romanesque columns and grand architecture of the exterior of the building.

FYI- there aren’t any photos allowed inside.

The National Archives Washington D.C.

10.) The Georgetown Sign

The Georgetown Sign reminds me of an old theatre. Located in the heart of Georgetown, this vintage sign is great for keeping it classic on your media accounts.


11.) Pink, the Little Flower Shop

This is an obvious pick for the best instagramable locations in D.C.. As one the most gorgeous storefront in Georgetown this little shop is a popular photoshoot destination.


12.) The Capitol’s front lawn

Capital is one of the most iconic buildings in America. Admiring its structure and posing in front makes for great pictures.


13.) Georgetown Cafe

The blue walls, excellent window lighting, and aesthetic coffee make this a top pick for my Instagram photos.  The staff is very nice and helped me out with photographing the perfect picture of milk being poured in my coffee. 

Georgetown, Washington D.C.

14.) Union Market

This modern-day market is up to speed when it comes to style and design. The Union Market is a great place to grab grub and snag a photo for your favorite social media apps.


15.) The Hillwood Estate

The Hillwood Estate is Washington D.C.’s hidden gem. The estate has thousands of Russian artifacts collected over the years. The inside is exquisite. The best part is you are allowed to take photos throughout the entire tour.

Hillwood Estate- best places to take photos in D.C.

16.)  Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is simple yet elegant, just how George and Martha wanted it. This old home that used to be the home of George Washington overlooks the Potomac River and is ideal for a photo update.

Mount Vernon Washington D.C.

17.) Eastern Market

The Eastern Market comes alive every Sunday, and it was one of my favorite aspects of living in DC. It is great for a photoshoot and snagging some street photography as well. Here are Highlights of my Eastern Market Finds, Washington D.C.  , to give you more information about the market and where to take photos.

Best Instagramable locations - Eastern Market

18.) Georgetown Historic Houses

Georgetown is known for it’s beautiful historic homes. There are many buildings worth taking pictures in front of. Walk around a few blocks of Georgetown and find the house you want to photograph.


19.) Phillip’s Art Museum

The Phillip’s Art Collection is Washington D.C.’s best kept secret. Only the local art junkies know about it. It is an old home turned into an art museum. The space gives off an aesthetic that will have to taking photos around every corner.

Phillip's Art Collection

20.) The Washington Monument

Hope you get to take a stellar photo in front of each of my best instagramable locations in D.C.


21.) The W Hotel

The W is a luxurious hotel that overlooks the White House. POV is their rooftop bar you also should visit. Since it was at night I couldn’t get any great photos overlooking the White House, but the interior of the hotel is glamorous, bright, and the perfect place to take a few pictures.

The W Hotel



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