What You Should Know Before Buying Chacos

Chacos are designed to last so you don’t want to buy the wrong ones. This Chaco buying guide is your solution to selecting the perfect pair. I bought my first pair of Chacos my sophomore year of high school and ten years later they are still a staple in my closet. Here is your guide to what you should know before you buy and select which style of Chaco footwear is best for you.

They will be uncomfortable the first week you wear them

The first week I got Chacos I almost returned them. I wore them every day, and they were the most uncomfortable shoes I ever put on my feet. Now before you stop reading and decide you don’t want to purchase a pair there is a reason behind the discomfort. For about the first week you wear Chacos, they form to your feet. They feel stiff until you break them in. Trust the process. Once your foot forms the arch it will be the most comfortable pair of shoes in your wardrobe.

They last forever

There is no shoe on the market that compares to the durability of Chacos. My Chacos have been in my travel bag for around seven years now. They are not a shoe that I only wear a couple of times a year, either. I always wear my Chacos and bring them along on all my climbing and hiking trips.

They were invented by a rafting guide

A Colorado rating guide created the Chaco brand. Their shoes are designed for all outdoor environments, including wet environments. I went swimming in one of the cave pools. The problem is that in order to get to the cave pools you have to walk on sharp rocks. Chaos were perfect because I could walk on the rocks and swim in the water with them. They help prevent cutting my feet on the volcanic rock.

When sizing, order a size larger

I am normally a size 7. The first Chaco I ever ordered, I purchased a size 8 and returned it, bought a size 7, returned it, and purchased a size 8 again. It sounds complicated because I wanted to ensure I ordered the right pair. The key to ordering the size that fits you is ensuring that your heels aren’t off the edge of the shoe. It’s okay if they are a bit big because you can tighten the straps.  I have very short toes, so I assumed that the shoes were too big the first time I ordered them.

You will save money in the long run

Paying $100 for sandals might seem expensive, but they last forever. Chaos are so well made that it will last for years. In the long run, you will save money because you need to buy sandals consistently.

Adjust the straps ‘sport mode.’

Chacos are the only sandals I wouldn’t mind going jogging in. The adjustable straps make the shoe custom-fit your feet. When I tighten them I call it ‘sport mode’ because it makes them easier to run in.

You don’t have to buy a new pair if yours gets damaged

The Chaco brand designs the shoes to last so if the sole wears out or the straps break you can send them in to get repaired.

The Chaco tan is a right of passage

Every camp counselor knows what I am talking about. You can easily spot a fellow Chaco-enthusiast by the white strips on their tan feet. 

Chaco tan

 What type of Chaco should you buy


The Single Loop

The single-loop Chaco is the ultimate adventure footwear. You can go take them swimming at the beach or go on a backpacking trip in the mountains. They are made for outdoor wandering.

Chaco's buying guide- single loop

The Double Loop

The double loop is similar to the singular loop, except the double loop is a bit trickier to put on. I find these extra loops unnecessary, but many people love the style. These are sturdy and meant for all adventurous activities.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 11.27.15 AM


A toe strap is uncomfortable for some, so this is a great option. The shoe has a lot of support like the other Chaco but without the toe strap. They are easy to slide on and provide the feet with some much-needed help.

Chaco's buying guide


Even if you aren’t sure you like any of the selections in this Chaco buying guide, you can customize your own.  When you buy a pair of Chacos, you want to love them. After all, you are probably going to have them for several years. You can customize the shoe to fit your needs exactly.


Slides are perfect for poolside activities and beach excursions.  The slides are waterproof like other Chaco styles, but they will slide right off your feet if you try to run or swim with them on.

Chaco's slide- buying guide


You might not want to go swimming in leather Chacos. The leather Chaco is not for long hikes. It is a modern twist on an adventure shoe, making it perfect for a trip abroad or going walking a new city.

Chacos leather

It’s time you join the Chaco nation. Follow this Chaco buying guide and find the perfect pair. Once you buy your first pair, you will probably want to ditch all your other sandals that just can’t compare.

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