Where to get the CRAZIEST Milkshakes in South Carolina

Calling all sweet tooths! The Crazy Mason is called CRAZY for a reason. These milkshakes are insane. The Crazy Mason is located in 810 Billiards & Bowling at The Market Common in Myrtle Beach, SC.

My mom and I took a girls trip out to Myrtle Beach to try these crazy milkshakes. We arrived ten minutes before opening and the line was out the door. The Crazy Mason opens at 3pm. Once it opens we end up waiting about 20-30 minutes. When I get a closer look at the menu I knew that it was worth the wait. The deserts are pun related names and I order the salty but sweet. It is worth every calorie. There are sixteen flavors, and each one of them sounded tasty. The Crazy Mason Milkshakes

The Crazy Mason milkshakes are a work of art. My salty but sweet treat is peanut butter crunch ice cream with caramel drizzle. It is topped with caramel popcorn, whipped cream, and a pretzel. This will satisfy your sweet and salty taste buds. My mom order the Moose and Waffles desert. It is chocolate ice cream with chocolate drizzle topped with whipped cream, snickers, and a waffle. These are just two of the 16 decadent flavors.

These deserts are not ordinary milkshakes. They are a sweet treat for a special occasion, birthday, or a fun afternoon activity. The Market Common has other outdoor shopping spots to walk around after indulging.

Salty but sweet milkshake- The Crazy Mason Hope you enjoy the sugar high from these milkshakes as much as I did.  

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  1. […] It tastes too good. It like strawberry cheesecake, and the thick and creamy glaze resembles light strawberry icing. Reminding me of when I got the most calorie-loaded and delicious milkshake and the Crazy Mason. Where to get the CRAZIEST Milkshakes in South Carolina. […]

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