What Beauty Products to Pack for a Beach Vacation

Going to the beach exposes the skin to the harsh elements of the sun and ocean. Sun protection and moisturizing are the keys to keeping skin healthy at the beach. While vacationing at Hilton Head, South Carolina, I was specific about packing beauty products for a beach vacation. These are just a few products that should be in your beach bag.


Before you start your day, moisturize with Eucerin. It feels like regular body lotion on the skin but contains an SPF of 30, which is all you need for all-day sun protection. The cream is so soft. It makes my arms so soft that when my friend felt my arm, she asked if I shaved my arms. Please put it on first thing in the morning before you head outside. It’s a great first layer of protection and will keep your skin hydrated too. Another reason why I love Eurcerin is that it makes my legs look buttery smooth.

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Bull Frog Lip Balm

I used to have sunburned lips because I never thought to put sunscreen on. Bull Frog lip balms keep my lips soft but also has SPF 50 to keep them from getting burned. If you also hate applying sunscreen to your lips, this is a great way to avoid that.

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Ocean Potion After Sun Lotion

Every day after soaking up the sun at the beach, ocean potion cools the skin and calms redness. At night put a heavy layer of ocean potion on any part of your skin exposed to the sun, and in the morning, your redness fades.

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Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Face Mask

If I were stranded on an island and could only bring one face mask product, it would be this one. This face mask hydrates the skin without feeling heavy. Within fifteen minutes, this mask will reduce the redness in your skin by several shades. This product is excellent to use after a sunburn or soothe irritated skin. You only need a dab, so this product goes a long way.

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Ordinary Hydraulic acid

Hydraulic acid is one of the most hydrating skincare products on the market, and The Ordinary sells a fantastic product. I put this on in the morning and at night before my moisturizer. It’s not too watery like other hydraulic acids and at only $6 you can’t beat the price.

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Mighty Patch

My skin is acne-prone, and I have acne scars from the times I squeezed my blemishes a little too hard. I have the worst habit of mashing my pimples before they are ready. Before squeezing a blemish, put a mighty patch on it. After a few hours, the zit will be smaller without having to cause bleeding or damage to your skin in the process.

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CeraVe Daily Moisturizer with 30 SPF

CeraVE daily moisturizer goes smoothly and doesn’t feel sticky like other face sunscreens. I wear it every day before putting on any makeup, and it keeps my skin hydrated and glowy all day. Three key ingredients in this moisturizer are ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. The CeraVe Daily Moisturizer is a great product to incorporate into your skincare routine to start moisturizing and wearing sunscreen each day.

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CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen

CeraVe sunscreen reflects the sun’s harmful rays, but the hyaluronic acid and niacinamide ingredients make this product great for your skin. The sunscreen helps lock in moisture and keep the sun protected. Only use a small amount though, or else you will help us look like a ghost.

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Sum bum 70 SPF sunscreen

Sum Bum goes on smoothly like lotion, but it does wonders at helping your skin stay protected. I have fair skin, so I put it on twice daily and didn’t get burned all week. There isn’t much difference between 30 SPF and 70 SPF. 30 SPF blocks about 96% of UV rays, whereas 70 SPF blocks back 99%. I prefer using the highest amount of SPF, but you will be fine if you only have 30. Reapply your sunscreen several times. Light rays reflect off the ocean water, making your skin more at risk for sun damage at the beach or pool.

Elf clear brow and lash mascara 

Ditch the black mascara when you go to the beach and trade it for clear. When I wear black or brown mascara, I always end up with raccoon eyes, even if it is waterproof. Elf’s clear brow and lash mascara will help keep your lashes and brow in place without the look of black mascara running down your face.

Elf Brow and

Moisturizing face mask

The sun, oceans, and chlorine from the pool are all drying elements that will have your skin begging for a little extra hydration. At the end of the week, I did a hydrating face mask to help repair some of the sun damage.

Aloe sleeping mask

Rich in vitamin C and vitamin E this allow gel sleeping mask will help rehydrate the skin overnight. The main ingredient is aloe which helps relieve irritated skin and sooth sun damage.

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Overall, keep your skincare and beauty routine simple at the beach. I hardly bring any makeup because it will wash off when I jump into the ocean. Be sure to moisturize day and night and put on sunscreen during the day. I hope you find these beauty products for beach vacations helpful for keeping your skin radiant.

Skincare and beauty products for the beach



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