Cheap/ Free Things To See In Barcelona, Spain

In the land of tapas and wine, Barcelona is a city only recently discovered. There is much to affordably see in this interesting and eclectic city.

Why The Small Medieval Town Of Orvieto Is A Hidden Gem Of Italy

A total of three days in Orvieto is enough to make me want to come back. Many aspects of the ancient town make it an iconic small town in Italy you will definitely want to add to your Italy itinerary. 

What Catching A Red-Eye Flight Is Really Like

It’s not the airline’s fault, but catching a red-eye international flight is nothing glamorous.

5 Places You Need To Visit When In Downtown Chicago,IL

There is not a lot of time to see everything when you visit a new city. Here are some free things to check out in Chicago. 1.) The Union/Train Station  Taking the metro is a great way to feel like a local. Most of the other people taking the train with me were wearing businessContinue reading “5 Places You Need To Visit When In Downtown Chicago,IL”

I Am Not Blue About The High Trestle Trail In Madrid, Iowa

Engineerical brilliance makes the High Trestle Bridge unique for many reasons.

Freeman Park at Carolina Beach~ Beach Camping Gone Wrong

Sleep came with ease with the sound of the ocean humming in the background. I could wake up on the beach every morning.

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